The Irish Coast

There are some gorgeous beaches here. A couple more photos:


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11 responses to “The Irish Coast

  1. kimbofo

    I love Irish beaches! They remind me of home (Australia).


  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


  3. So jealous! Those brooding cliffs are so amazing.


  4. Imagine living there and having that as your view?!! So lovely! Thanks for sharing photos!


  5. These are beautiful photos, Dorothy, on both posts! How I admire you being in such an idyllic and leisurely setting, to read and just enjoy yourself. Have fun on the rest of your trip!


  6. I wish I was there! Looks absolutely beautiful.


  7. Oh, gorgeous! I am so jealous!


  8. So beautiful! And I’m so jealous. (Yes, even though I only recently returned from my beautiful journey in CA.)


  9. Dipping my feet in the shallows at that beach would be nice right about now. 26 minutes until I can leave school and look for a similar distraction.


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