The Dingle Peninsula

Hobgoblin is teaching, so I have a little time to post some photos. He usually has the camera, but I have a few pictures from my iPhone. This one is from a field trip we took with Hobgoblin’s class yesterday to the place where St. Brendan most likely set sail on his journey across the Atlantic. It was a gorgeous piece of coastline. Another view:

And here are a couple pictures from a walk I took this morning. It’s misty and chilly today, although I hear the sun is supposed to return tomorrow. I walked along the Dingle way, which is a path that takes you around the entire Dingle Peninsula. I only covered a couple miles, but it was a nice view of the countryside:

The trip has been quite good so far. I’ve had a chance to explore the town of Dingle and see a few sights, as well as spend time reading and taking naps. We are here for two weeks, and I like the leisurely pace of our visit.


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13 responses to “The Dingle Peninsula

  1. Lovely pictures! Sounds like a perfect walk, very romantic and poetic. Please let us know about your discoveries in the next few weeks!


  2. So beautiful! I could tell right away that these photos were of Ireland; there’s nowhere else like it in the world! Plus, where else would you find a place called Dingle? 😉


  3. So glad you’ve arrived safely. I’m sorry we couldn’t do better with the weather for you, but at least you are seeing the real Ireland. If it was too sunny you would definitely be getting a false impression.


  4. Gorgeous! So green, I love it. Glad to hear you’re having a relaxing start to your vacation; how lovely.


  5. Lovely photos! It sounds like the perfect vacation–lots of walks, lots of green pastures and rocky coastline and naps and books to boot! I hope you get lots of sunny days, too.


  6. I especially like the first photo–breath-taking! Hope you and Hobgoblin continue to enjoy your trip!


  7. It looks wonderfully wild and remote! So glad you are settled in okay – hope the jetlag isn’t too bad now and that you are meeting some nice new people.


  8. My wife keeps saying she wants to take me to Ireland, but it’s hard to see the future right now. Hopefully we will have a chance to view some of the wonderful scenes you presented here.


  9. Wow, is it ever beautiful! And how perfect that you have so much time for walks and reading and exploring.


  10. Sounds like a great time so far! Love the first picture. Continue to enjoy your holiday and can’t wait to hear more!


  11. Nan

    How I love the gray-green mist. My Irish friend says I have more of an Irish soul than he does. He worships the hot sun, while I love the cool, rainy, cloudy. You are having a wonderful time, wish I were there. :<)


  12. kimbofo

    Gorgeous. I so love Irish scenery. So rugged, windswept and wild!


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