Do I have to come home?

All is going splendidly here. The weather hasn’t been the best, but we have fit in most of what we wanted to do in the dry spells. Over the weekend was a trip to Killarney, which involved a walk to Ross Castle, a bike ride to Muckross House and a gorgeous waterfall. This week has meant more visits to the Dingle peninsula coastline and several archeological expeditions where we saw ancient churches and fortresses. We have also experienced a bit of the local music scene, with live music in a pub, which I understand takes place in many pubs on just about any night of the week. Last night we went to Sean-nos, which is old-style a cappela Irish singing. Since it was four Irish singers and about 40 or so Americans, I don’t think the evening was quite traditional — there were some cowboy songs and pop songs thrown in there as well.

One of the best things about this trip is that we have had more contact with local people than most tourists do, since there is a local man in charge of the school activities, and he introduces us to all kinds of interesting people. We have had various guides take us around to the historical sites, all of whom have been extremely knowledgeable and very, very nice. Yesterday after the students’ archeological tour was over, Hobgoblin and I went with the guide on an extended tour of lesser-known religious sites, which involved tramping through mud, climbing over barbed wire, and sharing fields with outraged cows. It was most awesome. I do not want to go home!

Unfortunately, the slow wireless isn’t letting me post pictures right now, but perhaps I will have time to later.


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8 responses to “Do I have to come home?

  1. I don’t blame you at all. I wouldn’t want to go home, either.


  2. Going local is definitely a big plus with this kind of trip. My daughter wants to study archeology in Ireland and I’m all for it!

    Glad to hear the trip is going well.


  3. It all sounds fabulous. I’m glad you’re having a good time!


  4. I am so envious. I went to University College, Dublin in 1970 (gosh I’m ancient) and spent most of my time exploring the Irish countryside rather than going to class. Killarney was my favorite county. Gosh I still miss it. I’m so happy you’ve had a wonderful trip.


  5. I don’t blame you for not wanting to come home. It sounds as though you are having a marvelous time!


  6. bookgazing

    Sounds lovely, if only you could stay and build your own traditional cottage in the midst of the fields. Ireland is beautiful and feels so special to someone from just across the sea. Yes we have lots of history and culture in England, but Irish history and culture is just so much more exciting for its differences.


  7. See. Now you know why I cried (!) when I had to come home after spending the summer there! Even wet it’s beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope you have a great time in London!


  8. Sounds like you’re quite settled in! I’ve never been to Ireland myself, but you really make me want to make plans! I’m just back from Berlin and I didn’t want to come home either…


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