Winner of Sorrow review

I’m coming out of my blogging break momentarily to send you over to a review of Brian Lynch’s novel The Winner of Sorrow I published over at The Quarterly Conversation. I’ve written about the book here, but I wanted to do a more formal review and The Quarterly Conversation seemed like the perfect place. Check it out!

I hope to be back soon to write about Stefan Zweig’s The Post-Office Girl for the Slaves of Golconda group, but it’s been so busy around here, I may be a little late …


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8 responses to “Winner of Sorrow review

  1. Yes, excellent review. Thanks for breaking the break.


  2. I just recently discovered Quarterly Conversation. I look forward to reading your review!


  3. …Have read it, and just wanted to say–as always your writing is excellent.


  4. Thank you Stefanie!

    Amateur Reader — thank you too, and I may be on my way back … we’ll see.

    Danielle — thank you, and I’m very glad you enjoyed it!


  5. verbivore

    Very much enjoyed reading your review. I know nothing about Cowper and this book looks like it provides some valuable insights.


  6. Thanks for providing the link, and now I’m off to read what I am sure will be a superb review.


  7. I’m glad you’re back, even if just for a visit 🙂


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