A brief break

I think I’m in need of a blog break. Litlove is taking one, and it sounds so nice, I think I need one too. I love blogging and all, but sometimes … I’m out of energy.

I do have a habit of announcing that I’m going to back off on posting and then immediately finding myself inspired to write, so who knows how long the break will be — possibly not long at all. But at the moment I feel a need for some more room in my life and blogging is the thing to go.

Before I go, though, I want to encourage everyone to go congratulate Hobgoblin on his good news.


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12 responses to “A brief break

  1. Enjoy your break! I announced a blog break, and became inspired almost immediately, but I did enjoy my few days off.

    I have been over to congratulate the Hob on his thrilling news.


  2. Yay! Come and join me on the virtual recliners where the sun is shining and we have nice drinks and a stack of undemanding books by our sides! Breaks are good.

    And the Hobgoblin’s news is completely thrilling.


  3. Enjoy your break. And what nice news for Hobgoblin!


  4. We’ll certainly miss you, but hope you enjoy your well-desereved break.

    Looking forward to seeing you back at some point!

    (& glad we’ll see you IRL again soon!)


  5. Hey, maybe I’ll take one because I’m having motivational problems too.

    Have an enjoyable blog break, and please, don’t stay away too long!



  6. Enjoy your break! Considering you’re in the middle of the semester and racing loads I’m sure the extra time off will be nice to have. Congrats to the Hobgoblin–what a huge sigh of relief! 🙂


  7. Am fairly new to this very good blog and haven’t jumped in with a comment yet. I’ll look forward to your return. You always have something interesting to say. (I see you loved Edgar Sawtelle. I did not. But, I might give it another try after reading your review. It provided me with some insight that I had not considered before.) Have a good rest.


  8. Enjoy your break. I know how uncomfortable it can feel, but you don’t want to be obligated to the blog. It is a tool to serve you, not the other way around.

    We’ll be waiting when you are ready.


  9. Cam

    Breaks are good. Enjoy. Will see you when you return.


  10. blog breaks are so, so good. I would so much rather have us all take blog breaks a few times a year than stop blogging altogether…I HATE it when my favorite bloggers just summarily fold! Enjoy your break and we’ll see you soon. Also, I’m reading Stranger on a Train and LOVING it – wonderful recommendation!


  11. A breather is a good, good thing! And I agree with Courtney, it’s really shocking when people suddenly disappear — as though a friend was in the middle of a conversation and then… they were gone, never to be seen again. Yikes. So, enjoy your time away, and enjoy too celebrating Hob’s good news. xo


  12. Hope you enjoy the sunshine and the undemanding books over at the virtual recliner. You’ve certainly deserved it with all the racing and reviewing!


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