Apparently, I won a silver medal

I didn’t write about Saturday’s race because it felt pretty uneventful — I rode with category 3 and 4 women and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, a little towards the back.  I felt uncomfortable pretty much the whole race because I didn’t like the corners; once again I’ve discovered that I need to practice cornering.  I’m particularly bad when I have to make left turns, which this course makes you do; I’m not sure why, but I’m much slower and more awkward turning left than I am turning right.  And I witnessed a nasty crash in the middle of my race on one of those awkward corners — last I saw one of the women who went down was lying on her side with a neck brace on, waiting to be moved onto a stretcher to go to the hospital.  So after the race I rode straight to the car and we went home — it was late anyway, and I was eager to be done with it all.

Well, today I checked out the results online, and it turns out I won a silver medal — and it turns out that I was 22nd out of 34 finishers.  Here’s how both of those things can be true: the category 3 and 4 women ride together but they get scored separately, so although 21 people finished ahead of me, only six of them were category 4 riders, so I got 7th in my field.  And then this particular race awards medals to the top 3 Connecticut riders, and I happened to be the second category 4 rider from Connecticut to cross the line (the others were from Massachusetts or Rhode Island), so I won a medal!  But I don’t have it because I ducked out of there so quickly.  Oops.


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12 responses to “Apparently, I won a silver medal

  1. That’s great–too bad you didn’t actually get the medal–will they send it to you? Is this your first medal? I think if I saw someone crash and then have a neck brace on I might want to get out of there right away, too.


  2. Congrats on your medal! Now how will you get it? 🙂


  3. Oops indeed! Congratulations!


  4. Congratulations! Can’t wait to run around telling everyone I have a friend who’s a silver medalist.


  5. Thanks everyone — it’s kind of funny that I could win something when I didn’t think I rode very well. I don’t know how (or whether) I’ll get the medal — I might email the race coordinator and see what he says.


  6. Congrats! How unsettling to see the crash. Must be so hard to concentrate and focus after that. But you did alright and even won a medal! Hope the race coordinator can send it to you.


  7. hepzibah

    I completely agree with your definition of “depressing” -you made me feel much better, so thanks for that.
    I know nothing about racing, but it sounds like you did really well!!! 🙂


  8. Hey, congrats. It’s actually rather cool, to duck out so quickly before receiving the medal.

    If you do manage to get the medal after all, be sure to post a picture of it.


  9. Oh congratulations! Isn’t that the way? Success never comes when you expect it. It’s like a little parable, this post.


  10. Stefanie — yes, it was unsettling to see the crash — that’s the downside of racing, and it’s a big one.

    I’m glad Hepzibah — and I just wrote a post about it!

    Orpheus — that’s right, no silly podium picture for me 🙂 That’s one detail I left out of the post — that the medalists stand on a podium and get their picture taken.

    Litlove — that’s exactly the way! I need to keep this story in mind …

    Thank you Jess.


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