Reading 2008

  1. Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet
  2. Gabriel Josipovici, Everything Passes
  3. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley’s Secret
  4. Jenny Diski, Skating to Antarctica
  5. Joan Didion, The White Album
  6. Mark Mills, The Savage Garden
  7. Franco Moretti, ed. The Novel: History, Geography, and Culture
  8. Diane Ackerman, The Zookeeper’s Wife
  9. Brian Lynch, The Winner of Sorrow
  10. Ian Rankin, The Falls
  11. David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster
  12. Anthony Trollope, The Eustace Diamonds
  13. Kenko, Essays in Idleness
  14. Tom McCarthy, Remainder
  15. Hermione Lee, Virginia Woolf’s Nose
  16. John Darnton, Black and White and Dead All Over
  17. Jenny Diski, Stranger on a Train
  18. Fanny Fern, Ruth Hall
  19. David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  20. John Mullan, How Novels Work
  21. Thomas Bernhard, Frost
  22. Jenny Davidson, The Explosionist
  23. Ngaio Marsh, Death in a White Tie
  24. A.J.A. Symons, The Quest for Corvo
  25. Andre Aciman, Call Me By Your Name
  26. Amelia Opie, Adeline Mowbray
  27. Sei Shonagon, The Pillow Book
  28. Nam Le, The Boat
  29. Janet Malcolm, The Silent Woman
  30. Sarah Waters, Fingersmith
  31. Keith Devlin, The Math Gene
  32. Jacqueline Winspear, An Incomplete Revenge
  33. Amanda Vickery, The Gentleman’s Daughter: Women’s Lives in Georgian England
  34. Edith Wharton, The Glimpses of the Moon
  35. Charlotte Jay, Beat Not the Bones
  36. Virginia Rowans, The Loving Couple
  37. L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
  38. Catherine O’Flynn, What Was Lost
  39. George Saunders, The Braindead Megaphone
  40. Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford
  41. Eric Wilson, Against Happiness
  42. Rosy Thornton, Hearts and Minds
  43. Cristina Garcia, Dreaming in Cuban
  44. Margery Allingham, Sweet Danger
  45. Georgette Heyer, Venetia
  46. Rosamund Lehmann, The Echoing Grove
  47. Alan Lightman, A Sense of the Mysterious
  48. Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader
  49. Anne Enright, The Gathering
  50. Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights
  51. John Milton, Paradise Lost
  52. Benjamin Black, The Silver Swan
  53. Dashiell Hammett, The Glass Key
  54. Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
  55. Margaret Laurence, The Stone Angel
  56. Virginia Woolf, Night and Day
  57. Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  58. Mavis Gallant, Paris Stories
  59. Cormac Mccarthy, The Road
  60. Nicholson Baker, Room Temperature
  61. James Hogg, Confessions of a Justified Sinner
  62. Geoff Dyer, Out of Sheer Rage
  63. Elizabeth Bowen, The Death of the Heart

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