2016 in Reading: Part 1

I am currently in the middle of a fairly lengthy holiday journey across the country to visit with family, so my usual round-up of my year in reading is late and will be quick. But I want to crunch all the numbers as usual, so here we go!

  • Books read: 85.
  • Audiobooks: 6. I focused more on podcasts than audiobooks this year, which has been great, as I love podcasts … but I love audiobooks too. I wrote about this dilemma here.
  • eBooks: 23. This is almost twice last year’s number. I read many more e-galleys from Edelweiss this year, which explains the change.
  • From library: 9.
  • Fiction: 40. This is way down from last year! Last year my reading was 68% fiction, and this year it’s 47%. This change reflects my love of essays and memoirs and my desire to read and write about more of them. I’ll never stop reading novels, though.
  • Nonfiction: 42. Last year my nonfiction reading was 30%; this year it’s 47%.
  • Poetry: 3. One of these had some essays in it too, so I’m counting it in nonfiction as well.
  • Plays: 1.
  • Essay collections: 11. Five more than last year.
  • Biography/autobiography: 25. 12 more than last year.
  • Mysteries: 7
  • Graphic Novels: 1
  • Books in translation: 7. This is down by two from last year, which I’m not happy about.
  • Books by writers of color: 30. This is the same number as last year, but a slightly higher percentage.

Gender breakdown:

  • Women: 62
  • Men: 21
  • Collections with men and women: 2


  • Americans: 57
  • British: 12
  • French: 2
  • Canadian: 2
  • Indian: 2
  • Nigerian: 2
  • One each by authors from Algeria, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Mexico, Malaysia, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Year of publication:

  • 19th century: 2
  • First half of 20th century: 3
  • Second half of 20th century: 4
  • 2000-2009: 4
  • 2010-2016: 72

I’ll be back before too long with a list of my favorite books of the year. I hope your 2017 has started of well!


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6 responses to “2016 in Reading: Part 1

  1. Happy New Year! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season. Really enjoyed reading your reading stats and I also liked how you broke down the nationalities of the writers. Wishing you a great reading year ahead!


  2. Good reading! Looking forward to hearing about your favorites. Safe travels and happy New Year!


  3. Way to go on the nonfiction. I would like to read more nonfiction (not just memoir) this year. I always enjoy reading a good numbers breakdown post! Happy New Year!


  4. Happy new year! I love your stats!!


  5. Looking forward to reading more of your blog this year. Happy 2017


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