Reading Round-Up, 2/13/2016

The book I just finished last night and that is most on my mind is Ban En Banlieue, by Bhanu Kapil. I’m reading it now because it’s part of the Tournament of Books this year, but I had it on my mind to read even before that happened, I think because some writers I admire wrote about it glowingly. I … well, the book leaves me a little befuddled. It’s the kind of book that is impossible to categorize, hard to summarize, and tricky to describe. But I found myself absorbed in it. It’s sort of a novel, sort of not. More like notes towards a novel. It’s about the 1979 riots in London, and Ban is a fictional girl walking home when the riots begin. She lies down, knowing she is going to die. The book moves back and forth among various elements: Ban herself, as a girl and a metaphor for women’s experiences more broadly; the author trying to understand Ban by haunting the place she died, by taking Ban’s same position lying down on the road, and through performance art and writing; the author thinking about writing itself, what it can do and its relationship to the body; and stories of others who died or suffered violence because of political protests or simply because they were women. There are photographs throughout the book, and an extremely lengthy acknowledgments section that makes an implicit point about the value of communities of writers.

I was often uncertain of what I was reading, although there were moments that brought everything together. Mostly I admired it and liked the experience of working at figuring it out. It’s a hard book, but I think it rewards hard work. That said, I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of resistance to this book in the Tournament. It’s up against The Turner House, and my guess is that The Turner House will win. I’ve read both and liked both, and I don’t know which I’d vote for. They are just such very, very different books.

Other recent reading? I finished Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and I liked the experience of reading it. It was entertaining, interesting, an unusual way to tell a life story, and it did capture the author’s life well. I wanted something weightier, though, deeper, more moving. It was fine, just okay, a solid three-star book.

I also finished Kent Haruf’s Our Souls at Night on audio, and liked it very much — the story was moving, powerful, much more interesting than it has a right to be as a story about two older people finding companionship and dealing with small-town gossip. Haruf brought me into the life of his two characters so fully I came to care about their fates very much. It’s a story that can, if it reaches you in the right way, break your heart and make you love it. It’s also in the Tournament, up against The Whites, and although I haven’t read The Whites, I’m guessing the Haruf will win.

At the moment I’m in the middle of a memoir, Chris Offutt’s My Father: The Pornographer. It’s quite the title. More on that next time!


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4 responses to “Reading Round-Up, 2/13/2016

  1. Looks like a lot of great books you’ve been into lately. Can’t wait to hear about your current read! I just heard an interview on NPR with the author and I’m so curious.

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  2. It sounds almost impossible to compare The Turner House with Ban En Banlieue because they’re so different. I loved The Turner House, but it’s so straight forward compared to the book you just reviewed. (I don’t mean that in a bad way – I just mean it’s a good domestic story with a very traditional sort of format, even if there’s a little magical realism in there.) Anyway, thanks for reviewing Ban En Banlieue because it’s something I probably won’t pick up on my own, but it’s good to have the knowledge of!

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  3. One of the issues I’ve had with the notion of a tournament is that it can pit books that are so different from each other that trying to compare them becomes meaningless. It sounds as though this might be the case here. I should just be glad that you have had two satisfying reads and not worry about which is going to win out.


  4. I’ve not heard of Ban En Banlieue but it has an intriguing sound to it. Will be interesting to see how it does in the Tournament given how different it sounds. I just finished reading The Story of My Teeth and I haven’t quite decided what to make of it yet. Definitely liked it but there are some puzzle pieces I haven’t put together in it yet.


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