Still Riding

I haven’t posted about cycling here in ages, but I’m still out there riding, off and on. Of course, it’s much trickier to ride now that there is a toddler in the house. Hobgoblin and I go on rides together MUCH less often than we used to. And it’s also tricky to ride when you’re getting ready to move, and then moving, and then recovering from the move, as we did last spring and early summer. I didn’t ride at all from last October until this April, and then I didn’t ride regularly until June. But in the last couple months I’ve ridden at least twice each week and in the last few weeks I’ve ridden four times a week. I’m nearing 1,000 miles for the year, which is pitiful given that my best year was nearly 6,400 miles. But still. Riding is as important to me as ever, even if I don’t do it as much; I always feel better when I’ve ridden and I love getting in shape. The few moments when I feel strong out on the road are wonderful.

About racing, though … I don’t miss racing at all, and I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year or in whatever year I feel I’m finally in good enough shape. If I don’t like it, I shouldn’t do it, right? Yes, but. It provides great motivation and a goal to work toward, it makes me really, really strong, and my friends do it and pressure me into doing it. I can be hopeless when it comes to certain kinds of peer pressure.

But that’s not a worry for now, as I’m far, far from racing shape. Now I am just happy to be out there riding, watching the seasons change.


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6 responses to “Still Riding

  1. Kudos to you for riding, even if not racing! I know from experience that keeping this kind of outside activity with a toddler at home requires will and organization.


  2. There’s something about bring on the move under your own power that makes you feel really great, isn’t there? For me it’s really brisk walking rather than cycling but the feeling of exhilaration is probably the same as is the feeling that something is missing when you don’t do it. I’m really glad you’re getting out and about again and it won’t be that long before his lordship is joining you 🙂


  3. So glad you are still riding! You have been my biking inspiration. I have no plans to ever race, but just being able to go on long rides for fun is motivating enough for me and working hard feels good. Pretty soon your little guy will be able to ride with you. I was on a 30 mile sponsored ride yesterday and there was a family with a 6 and 9-year old riding on their own bikes!


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