The Handsell plus baby pictures

Have you heard of The Handsell, run by Ron Hogan? You list three to five books you like, and Ron and a guest — an author or a bookseller — will offer a recommendation based on your list. You enter your list of books here. A week or so ago, I entered my list, and today, this video appeared with my recommendations. Kind of fun!

I’m happy with the recommendations, although I suspect the recommendation Ron’s guest made — James Salter’s All That Is — wasn’t based on my list but was just a book he happens to like a lot. But still, I’ve been meaning to read Salter for a while now and haven’t gotten to it yet. I may start with A Sport and a Pastime, though, which is what I have on hand. Ron’s recommendation is more appropriate to my list — Iain Sinclair’s Ghost Milk: Recent Adventures Among the Future Ruins of London on the Eve of the Olympics. Sinclair is someone I’ve been aware of for a while but haven’t read yet. Ron’s description sounds perfect: the book is a mix of memoir, history, walking tour, and discussions of the city. It’s exactly what I’m looking for — unclassifiable, voice-driven nonfiction.

I can’t post these days without a baby picture or two, so here they are, first, a picture that makes clear what Cormac thought of his vaccinations yesterday:


And then a happier picture, with Muttboy in the background:



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18 responses to “The Handsell plus baby pictures

  1. Poor Cormac–I know just how he feels!:) Glad he was having happier times later–he’s a cutie and I’d want to share lots of photos, too. I’m going to have to check out The Handsell–sounds like fun. Not that I need more reading ideas or anything….


  2. He is such a sweet boy! I hate for babies to hurt, but when Persephone pokes out her bottom lip and makes the “very sad” face it is too precious!


  3. Such an expressive face for a little guy… he’s adorable!


  4. I’ve not heard about The Handsell, will definitely be checking it out! Poor Cormac, I feel like that too after a shot. But what a dapper little fellow he is in the happy photo!


  5. Oh that first one is a treasure – and who could blame him? Being vaccinated sucks. But generally he is such a happy little chap isn’t he, and quite adorable! Will be very interested to hear how you get on with the Sinclair. As you know, I’m on a creative non-fiction kick at the moment.


    • Yes, Cormac is definitely generally a very happy baby. His upset episodes don’t tend to last very long at all. I will make sure to report on Sinclair, and I’ve been enjoying your creative nonfiction reviews.


  6. The Bears are full of sympathy. They don’t like having things stuck into them either. I’ve not heard of The Handsell, but I can’t resist something like this that might just turn up a gem I would otherwise have missed. Does Muttboy feel his nose has been put out of joint?


    • Many thanks for the sympathy! Muttboy has been sick, poor dog, so he’s struggling a bit. He does well with Cormac, and although I think he gets a little jealous, he handles it well like the mature dog that he is. He’s a real trooper!


  7. Eva

    OMG that first pic of Cormac is precious but sad all at once! Glad he recovered quickly from the vaccines; when my niece went in for her pre-kindergarten ones, the doctor freaked out at her reaction & epi-penned her, then rushed her in an ambulance to another hospital. 😮


  8. I know I’m terribly late in stopping by but I just wanted to say Cormac is just beautiful! Poor little thing, those shots are not fun. I hope you and your little family are doing great!


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