What’s keeping me busy


Cormac is doing great and even letting me sleep on occasion. I’m managing to read a few books, although getting to my laptop to blog is a challenge. Maybe someday soon!


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15 responses to “What’s keeping me busy

  1. envirolibrarian

    Cute photo!


  2. envirolibrarian

    Just enjoy Cormac!


  3. Cormac has such a serious little sleeping face. Glad to hear he is doing well and even letting you sleep and read sometimes.


  4. He is clearly going to be a treasure if he is allowing you sleep already! 🙂 I recall feeding times as being pretty good for reading (though I tried to stay half asleep at night). He is so cute!


  5. who cares about reading – ! enjoy every minute, i was just there – now my kids are 19 & 22 … (and i can read all day long, if i want) –


  6. Eva


    Babies are better than blogging. 😀 They grow too quickly though!


  7. Congrats on the sleep, he looks very peaceful.


  8. Darling baby! Much admiration for your finding time to blog. Found you when looking for links for my blog on Frances E. Willard’s, “A Wheel within a Wheel.” Your comments very perceptive, thanks.

    naomi dagen bloom, blogging grandma at http://www.alittleredhen.com


  9. Thanks for making it to the laptop to share this picture! We’re patiently waiting, no hurry! Take care


  10. Congratulations! Adorable baby.


  11. Cormac is so cooperative… letting Mommy time to read. Have you started reading to him? I’m sure he’ll enjoy the shared moments soon. Just wondering, is Cormac McCarthy a bit of an influence?


  12. Jenny

    I’ve been away from your blog long enough for you to make an entire baby without my knowledge! Congratulations — he is beautiful, and I hope you are wonderfully happy and getting some sleep. It’s been a real joy to catch up with all those posts. Take care!


  13. 🙂 Sweet picture! Congratulations on your beautiful boy!


  14. Happy to hear he’s doing well and that you’re even finding little corners of time for yourself. Enjoy!


  15. He looks so sweet and contented. Hopefully you are also getting in equal resting time! I see occasional updates in GR from you so it looks as though you are getting to do a bit of reading, too, which is cool! Looking forward to seeing more photos (of both of you!).


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