Power’s out

Didn’t I just write a post about an extended power outage and how I couldn’t blog for a while because I didn’t have reliable internet access? Why, yes, I did. Well, the power is out again, not because of a hurricane this time, but because of a freak October snow storm that took down so many trees and branches that 90% of my town was left without power. We’ve been out since Saturday night. I’m realizing now that the power outage in August, which lasted four days, was a lovely, idyllic time: the temperatures were mild and school hadn’t started yet, so I could just sit around and read, guilt-free. This time, the temperatures are in the 50s, if we are lucky, during the day and in the 20s or 30s at night, and we have no fireplace, wood stove, or generator. The house has been fluctuating between 47 and 52 degrees. Brrr!

We are okay, just bundled up and spending as much time at work and at the local coffee shop as possible, where there is heat and light. We’ve had very kind friends offer to let us stay at their homes, but so far we’ve felt that the benefits of being in our own place outweigh the possibility of more warmth. I just want to sit on my own couch, even if it is freezing. Our power company is estimating that the power will be back by Friday at midnight, although it’s possible we will get it sooner. I’m sure hoping so.

I’ll be back soon.


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11 responses to “Power’s out

  1. Friday at midnight!! That’s a long time! I hope you get a pleasant surprise and the heat’s back on sooner than you expect; in the meantime, sending warm thoughts your way.


  2. Goodness, that is a long time to be without power. Hang in there! Also sending warm thoughts you way.


  3. Oh miserable! But I quite understand the lure of one’s own couch. Here’s hoping you get reconnected quicker than expected!


  4. Poor you! Keep the blankets on! I hope they reconnect you as soon as possible…


  5. I’ve been wondering if you power was still out. Yikes! On the plus side, at least it makes it into the 50s during the day and isn’t constantly below freezing. Bet the coffee shop is a very busy place these days! Hope the power comes back on long before midnight Friday!


  6. Keep warm! Fingers crossed about the return of light and heat before Friday night!


  7. Stay warm and safe, I’m glad to hear you’re okay.


  8. musingsfromthesofa

    Boo! Keep the hot drinks, and the gin, flowing. Hope the power is back soon.


  9. Hope the Nook is readily charged, or you’ve been able to read by candlelight. I only survived Irene with a tableload of candles and my books…don’t you wonder how people who don’t read keep themselves busy?


  10. I sincerely hope that your power is on now! You are not having a good fall, are you? Weatherwise that is! I love the idea of enforced reading time, but not when the temperatures are below 70F. You deserve a mild winter and early spring!


  11. Oh I hope it’s back on now! How horrible, hope you have lots of jumpers to layer up with.


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