Cycling update

Much of the story of my cycling year so far I can tell using just a few numbers:

  • Total yearly mileage 2007 (the first year I have a full record): 4,226
  • Total yearly mileage 2008: 4,339
  • Total yearly mileage 2009: 5,097
  • Total mileage so far in 2010 (as of August 17th): 4,393

So yeah, I’ve been riding a lot this year. I’m on track to crush last year’s record, and I’ve already beaten my records from the previous two years.

This was the year I was going to forget about mileage goals and just ride as much as I wanted to. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. But instead of riding less than last year, I’ve ridden much more. I’m still not riding with any kind of mileage goal in mind (or any goal at all, of whatever sort), but it turns out that when I decide to ride just as much as I want to and no more, I end up riding a ton.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m spending much of my training time riding with my cycling BFF, who completed one Ironman triathlon in July and is doing another one in October. That means a lot of miles. A lot. I suppose if I have one goal this year, it’s to keep enough fitness so that I can keep up with her. These days that means I’m working pretty hard, but it’s so much fun, it’s exactly what I want to do.

As for races, I haven’t done one in quite a while. I did the six training races in March and April that I usually do, I did three road races, and then I did a few summer training races and that’s it. And I’ve liked the way it’s worked out. I haven’t given up racing entirely, but I’ve slowed down the pace a lot, focused on just a handful of races, and spent the rest of the time just riding. I may follow a similar method next year.


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10 responses to “Cycling update

  1. Oh that’s wonderful Dorothy! Seems like without the pressure for races you are riding more and having more fun. Hooray!


  2. It sounds like this summer you’ve been much more laid back in a lot of ways, and you sound very happy and relaxed for it, too. I think the racing would be stressful, but just biking with a friend, even if it ends up being a lot of work can be fun. Just think of all those calories you’ve burned, too! I hope you’ve managed a cupcake ride or two as well!


  3. That’s like riding from one end of Canada to the other–or riding across the ocean to England. Wow!


  4. Wow, that is so impressive Dorothy! I can’t wait to see what your end of year totals will be.

    I bought a bike this year – finally! Of course I made the mistake of buying it too close to summer and in this Texas heat there is no way I’m going out riding. Yes, I am a wimp. haha. So, sadly it’s collecting dust for now but I’m looking forward to Fall.


  5. Stefanie — that’s definitely true, more fun and less stress. It’s been great!

    Danielle — I have managed to go on way more cupcake rides than I should have! 🙂 Yes, riding hard with friends is SO much more enjoyable than racing. I like working hard on the bike, but the pressure of racing is another thing entirely.

    Lilian — I like the idea of riding across the ocean to England! If only that were possible …

    Iliana — I’m curious about my end-of-year total as well. I could break 6,000 miles without working too hard at it. How fun that you got a bike! I hope you have tons of fun with it when the weather improves.


  6. Well, it seems like this was the year for you to find balance (no better place to find that than atop a bicycle, huh? Except maybe atop a unicycle). Good for you!


  7. Well, it seems like this was the year for you to find balance (no better place to find that than atop a bicycle, huh? Except maybe atop a unicycle). Good for you!


  8. So, how on earth did I manage that: the exact same comment but from my two different “personas?”


  9. Emily — that’s quite a feat! 🙂 I do feel I found some balance this summer. Let’s see what happens this fall.


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