Time for a holiday break

So tomorrow Hobgoblin, Muttboy, and I will head out to western New York state to visit family and celebrate Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed that we will encounter no blizzards or the infamous Rochester lake-effect snow! I am now off to pack and to decide what books to take with me. I need to find something short because I have this feeling that I may have some new books I’ll be dying to read when Friday gets here…


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13 responses to “Time for a holiday break

  1. Have a wonderful and safe holidays, Dorothy. Enjoy all your reads, buy more books … I can’t wait to see your 2010 Reading List!


  2. Have a wonderful holiday! Hope it’s full of fun, good food and new books!


  3. verbivore

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday and hoping there is not too much, just enough to make things lovely!


  4. Have a great trip and a merry Christmas!


  5. Hope you have a lovely time and soon there will be new books, making it doubley lovely.


  6. Have fun–fingers crossed for weather.


  7. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a safe trip (no new snow!). And I can’t wait to see what new books you bring back with you.


  8. New books are definitely one of the best things about this time of year. Happy Christmas to you, Hobs and Muttboy. I’m sure your dog will enjoy the car trip even if there is tons of snow (which I’m crossing fingers that there isn’t).


  9. Wishing you guys a wonderful holiday! Stay warm and have lots of fun in New York!


  10. Merry Christmas to you! Have a wonderful, safe holiday with lots of time to read those tempting new books.


  11. adevotedreader

    Merry Christmas Dorothy!


  12. I hope your trip was safe and uneventful, and you and Hobs and Muttboy are doing lots of relaxing by the fire with books and loved ones!!


  13. Thank you for your well-wishes, everyone! I had a great time with my family (a post on the trip is up now), and we only ran into a bit of snow on the way there. There were a couple tense moments, but the snow never lasted long, and we made it there fine. Coming home the roads were dry. Thank goodness! Muttboy had a fun time, although he got jealous of my niece and felt pestered by my sister’s 1-year old dog who has much more energy than Muttboy does. But still, we all had fun, and I hope you all had a great holiday!


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