A short vacation

I’m off to Vermont tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with some friends. I should be back this weekend. I hope all my American readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that everyone else enjoys themselves as well!


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9 responses to “A short vacation

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Dorothy! Hope you have a lovely time.


  2. Ann

    Our American students are having a celebration at the local pub, which has offered to cook them a turkey with all the trimmings. They are very excited and I suspect we won’t get a single sensible word out of them tomorrow. Have a wonderful time.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels to you!


  4. Have a great time in Vermont. That sounds like the perfect place to spend Thanksgiving!


  5. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, Dorothy!


  6. Hope you had a lovely time in Vermont!


  7. Thank you everyone! As I wrote today, I had a great time in Vermont and am wishing this little holiday would last a bit longer …


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