A Jury of Her Peers

My review of Elaine Showalter’s book A Jury of Her Peers is now up at the Quarterly Conversation. The short version is that I liked it. If you want to hear more, check it out!


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6 responses to “A Jury of Her Peers

  1. I did check it out and really enjoyed it.


  2. Mr W

    Thanks for posting, Dorothy, I really enjoyed reading it! Well done.


  3. Nice review! I hadn’t realized that there has never been a history of American women writers before. I wonder if Showalter should have made it a two volume work then so she could be more critical and fit in more writers? But at least it is a start and hopefully others will follow. Now, if I only had time to read it for myself. It’s sitting on a pile just over there…


  4. Wonderful review Dorothy. I really do need to get to this–it sounds interesting despite not necessarily breaking new ground. It’s still nice to see a little attention paid to American women writers (even if she left some notable authors out). I had no idea where the title came from–that sounds like an interesting story and the perfect choice for this book.


  5. Congratulations on a terrific review! I can appreciate that the author was upfront in her personal preferences — who was included, and who was not — though I agree that a “further reading” section would have been most helpful.


  6. Lilian — thank you for the compliment, and thank you for stopping by this blog – welcome!

    Mr. W. — thank you! I’m so glad you read and enjoyed it. I learned a lot from reading her book and am glad I decided to.

    Stefanie — I wonder if a two-volume work might have been harder to sell, or maybe she wanted to keep it cheap enough for general readers to buy. Anyway, a fuller treatment would have been nice, but at least we have a start that might lead to longer projects later.

    Danielle — the story IS a perfect title for the book, and I recommend it if you come across it in one of your anthologies. It’s a story I teach now and then, and it also exists in play form (called Trifles). Thanks for reading the review!

    Debby — thank you! I liked her openness about her opinions as well, and that she declared she would include opinions at the very beginning, so I knew what I was getting into. The book is an excellent resource as it is, but a further reading section would have made it even better.


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