I’m off!

Hobgoblin and I are leaving tomorrow to go visit my family in the Rochester, NY, area and will be gone until sometime next weekend.  I agree with what my sister said on the subject: “I’m staying until Friday or Saturday, depending on how sane I feel.”  Just because my family can drive me insane sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t love them, right?  The fun part of the trip will be waiting breathlessly by the phone to hear if my sister-in-law has had her baby yet (and to find out the gender, as she and my brother aren’t telling).  The uncertain part will be meeting my sister’s new boyfriend — he’s probably great, but who knows?  The fun-in-a-rebellious-kind-of-way part will be refusing to go to the Christmas Eve service (rebellion is easy when you come from the right kind of family).  The not-so-fun part will be the snow storm we will inevitably get caught in.  I just hope it isn’t an out-and-out blizzard, but we’ll see.

Enjoy Christmas, if that’s your thing; otherwise, have a great week!


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11 responses to “I’m off!

  1. Have a safe trip and a nice vacation! It sounds as though it has the making for some priceless moments 🙂


  2. Have a great holiday! Sometimes spending holidays with family just makes you appreciate the rest of the year all the more! 🙂 Have a safe trip–I hope the weather doesn’t turn nasty!


  3. Safe travels and Merry Christmas! (Oh, and yes, absolutely, you can love your family and still be driven insane by them!). oxoxox


  4. verbivore

    Happy Holidays and I hope your travels go well! I find that sneaking off to read for 15-20 minutes when my family gets too nuts is a great way to remain sane through the holidays!


  5. Have a safe and wonderful trip! Good luck with everything. 😉


  6. Have a wonderful trip and a lovely, restful, fun Christmas, Dorothy. Good luck keeping sane – take a few great books to lose yourself in!


  7. Cam

    Enjoy your time with your family. I love the quiet of Christmas Eve when nobody else is at home, or all are asleep. Keep sane and have fun. Happy Holidays!


  8. I was surprised to see the title “I’m Off!”; of course, I’ve always known this about myself but I don’t advertise it unless I downplay it as, “I’m a little off!” 😉

    I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas with a healthy new niece or nephew, a wonderful boyfriend-in-law, and an only moderately rebellious eve. May you find much joy in this wonderful season.


  9. We hope you and Hob have a wonderful, sane, safe Christmas!!


  10. Safe travels! We go to Cazenovia New York every other year and I know that holiday blizzard you speak of!


  11. Stefanie — there were some priceless moments, in fact, and I wish I could describe them here, but family members may come across the blog … that’s the problem with being only semi-pseudonymous here.

    Danielle — actually, the weather was just fine. No blizzards to drive through either way, just some rain. And yes, visiting family does make one appreciate coming home 🙂

    Emily — oh, thank you for that encouragement! I won’t worry about my insanity then. 🙂

    Verbivore — reading now and then did help, although the truth is I found the crossword puzzle to be the perfect solution — I could work on it while out with other people and so not seem like I was ignoring them, but I didn’t have to look up from the puzzle very often 🙂

    Melanie — thank you! Everything went well, and now I’m happily home again.

    Litlove — thanks! There were some difficult moments as usual, but overall, I think I did okay. But thank God I’m finished with that for a while!

    Cam — I did have fun, in spite of the usual tension. I do enjoy my family; the problem is that I have to see so many of them at once, and that’s intense. But I did okay!

    Bikkuri — thank you! No new niece yet (I did find out the gender, but not the name), the boyfriend was okay, and nobody seemed to get too upset with me on Christmas Eve. And you’re right — I should keep my “offness” to myself! 🙂

    Debby — thank you! And I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too.

    Courtney — Cazenovia is not far from my parents’ place at all — and yes, you know the weather well. This year we got lucky and it was pretty quiet.


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