This triathlon training … it’s fun but crazy.  For one thing, while I’ve been a regular weather forecast checker for a while now, I’ve become utterly obsessive about it.  If the weather this weekend doesn’t clear up, I won’t be able to get my rides in, and I really need to ride! Would it be too uncomfortable to ride in the rain when it’s 65 degrees out?  Am I that dedicated??  Probably not …

And another thing — this training means I’m out at all hours taking swim lessons.  I’m swimming with a masters group right now and the lessons are from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, which doesn’t seem that late, except that I like to be in bed by 9:00 or so.  And when I go to a late evening class, I usually can’t sleep afterwards because I’ve built up so much energy and adrenaline. It would be nice if the class tired me out and made me ready to fall asleep, but instead it perks me up and makes me feel wide awake.

And then I have days like today, where I got to school at 9:30 or so, stayed until 7:00 when my last class ends, drove home and stayed for about 15 minutes before heading out again to the pool.  And tomorrow I hope to wake up early enough to run before heading out to school again … all this means  not enough time for reading, I’m afraid.  I need somebody to agree to pay my salary so I can quit my job and train and read full-time.  Any takers?


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7 responses to “Craziness!

  1. I don’t know how you are managing to fit it all in! You’re amazing, Dorothy, and I should think being fit helps enormously with the stresses of teaching. What a shame one can’t read while cycling or swimming, but I guess you could run listening to an audio book. Still, lying on a sofa with the real thing might be nice one of these days!


  2. Maybe you need an ipod so you can listen to books while you run and ride. And if you find someone who will pay your salary let me know how you did it. I’ve been looking for someone who would do that for years 🙂


  3. Whew! I get tired just reading about your schedule – much less trying it myself. I’m having a hard time getting back on the bike at all – and have to train if I don’t wanna get shelled at Jamestown. You’re certainly dedicated – need some of that here!


  4. If you find any takers, send them my way, please. I’ve often wished that I could find someone to pay me to read, knit and attend the random class that catches my eye. I love being a student. I’ll leave all that strenuous training to you, though. 🙂


  5. Edd

    Keep up the Triathlon training you will like it at least that is what my son says he continually tells himself. His last Triathlon saw him come in ninth place but in each race, his position increases. We are raising his son (former marriage then along came stepmother problems) and my son has him practicing to participate in the younger divisions. He has had one race in Florida so far – he did not come in near the top or even the middle but he did finish. Keep it up and although it is grueling, it is very rewarding according to my son.


  6. I was recently joking that maybe cloning wouldn’t be so bad if I could clone myself and send her to work and then had her doing the cooking and laundry! It sounds like you have very full days and swimming at nine in the evening! I think you’re right that exercising just makes you feel more alert and energetic than tired. When will you do your first triathalon? I totally admire your hard work and I bet it will feel great when you’ve accomplished this. An MP3 player really is great for listening to audio books while running or cycling–maybe you could get in more books that way?


  7. Litlove — the triathlon training helps a ton with stress; an evening workout will make me forget the worries of the day entirely, and that’s very wonderful. It’s surely a part of why I’m so addicted to working out!

    Stefanie — I have an ipod, but I haven’t gotten in the habit of using it while working out; I do listen to audiobooks in the car, though, and that works well — it’s another way to fit more books in.

    Suitcase — I’d be totally burnt out too, but I think the newness of the triathlon training helps keep me interested. I like all the variety!

    Lisa — oh, yes, I’d take lots of classes too if I could find someone to support me … no takers yet, unfortunately.

    Edd — it sounds like your son is doing well — 9th place is good! I think you’re right that I will continue to love triathlon training — so far so good!

    Danielle — my first triathlon won’t be until sometime next spring, probably May. So I have a while, which is good! Perhaps I should experiment with listening to my ipod more …


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