What a day …

Hobgoblin is just fine, but it’s no fun getting a phone call from a stranger saying that he will soon be on the way to the emergency room.  We’ve both had better days, let me tell you.


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8 responses to “What a day …

  1. Oh Dorothy, you and Hobgoblin have had it hard lately. First the big bike race crash while you were on vacation and now this. Glad he’s ok.


  2. I am so sorry to hear that Hobgoblin had another crash. How especially scary that it was a car this time, but a miracle that he wasn’t hurt worse. I hope once the “shock” has worn off that he can get a good night’s sleep and isn’t too sore.

    Mr. Suitcase and I have done the racer/rider-in-emergency-room experience, and it was no fun at all. You both will be in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. That’s terrible!! It must have been horrible getting a phone call telling you Hobgoblin was on his way to the emergency room. I’m glad the worst was a bashed bike–it’s easily replaced! I hope Hobgoblin feels better soon!! You guys have had a rough cycling season this year!


  4. I’ve just read about this on the Hobgoblin’s site! How awful for you and for him. Still, you can be sure that fate IS still smiling on him, however terrible the incident seemed, as it could have been much worse. I really do believe that there is a fateful payback for hard times – I predict tenure for the Hob, success in the bike season and a stunning academic book from him in the near future.


  5. verbivore

    Very scary, and am very glad that he is okay. Hope you can both take it easy this weekend and recuperate.


  6. Just went to read what happened and that is scary. My husband is always on a bike too and I worry about something like this all the time. Cars just don’t seem to “see” bikes!

    Glad to hear he’s ok!


  7. Stefanie — thanks — yeah, it’s been a hard month! Hopefully this will do it for crashes for a good long time.

    Debby — thank you so much! Yeah, you know what it’s like, and it’s no fun. I’m so, so glad he wasn’t hurt worse — he actually got off fairly easy, thank God. He’s in some pain today, but is dealing with it well.

    Thanks Danielle — and about the bashed bike, the driver’s insurance should cover the whole thing, so that will be quite easily replaced 🙂

    Litlove — I’m sure you’re right about all the good things coming Hobgoblin’s way! And you’re right that it could have been much worse — in fact, if a person has to be hit by a car, they should do it like he did it 🙂

    Verbivore — things are going well so far, and we’ve done a lot to get life back to normal — thanks!

    Iliana — drivers really don’t see bikes, and it’s too bad. It’s just so hard to stay aware of everything out there; it’s terrible, but I do understand how accidents happen now and then.


  8. My sympathies to you both. I’d like to say that maybe this gave the driver a (literal) wakeup call, so that he might not be so fogheaded while driving in the future. But this does no good for your current situation.

    When I read your phrase “let me tell you,” it rang of something my mom would say and gave me a little fuzzy warm feeling.


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