Happy weekend!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Looking back, I see that today was a good day.  I had a book group meeting this morning where we discussed Nam Le’s short story collection The Boat.  The verdict was mostly positive, although everyone liked some stories more than others, and we had some criticisms of this and that.  But everyone agreed he is an excellent writer.

Then I came home and went running, and my feet didn’t hurt at all.  After that a book arrived in the mail, Parson Woodforde’s diary, written from 1758 to 1803.  It’s a big thick book, something that will take me a long time to read and that I’m pretty sure I will enjoy.  Perhaps it will make a good bedside book.

And then there was a trip to the chiropractor, where I got my shoulders massaged and my neck adjusted, and then dinner.  Somewhere in there was some time to read, and I picked up André Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name, a book highly recommended by Jenny D., partly because it’s a beautiful book and partly because it has lots of swimming, running, and cycling in it.  I’m having trouble putting it down.

Then there was swimming in the evening, where I did some drills and swam a half mile altogether (with lots of breaks) — not terribly far, really, but the farthest I’ve gone since who knows when.  And then there was a walk to town for ice cream, and now I’m home, ready to return to my novel.

That’s how a summer day should go, don’t you think?


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11 responses to “Happy weekend!

  1. musingsfromthesofa

    Lovely! I hope the rest of the weekend continues in a similar fashion.


  2. A very good day indeed. I love visiting the chiropractor.


  3. Oh yes, that sounds like a perfect summer day to me. I’m longing for one just like it (well, I mean, exchanging the run for a walk).


  4. That does sound like a perfect summer day. It’s nice when at the end of a day you can look back on it so contentedly! 🙂


  5. Sounds great, especially since we’re in mid-winter here. I’m so jealous of the swimming- I might have to head to a heated pool just to pretend the weather is warm.


  6. Jenny — thanks for the recommendation!

    Musings — so far so good!

    Stefanie — isn’t the chiropractor great? I’m particularly fond of mine because we have become friends of a sort, since I’ve seen her regularly for years …

    Emily — I hope you get your wish! And I could happily substitute a walk for the run — walks are lovely too!

    Danielle — indeed. It doesn’t happen often enough, I’m afraid.

    Jess — yes, a heated pool could be just the thing! You’re on your way to warmer weather at this point, right?


  7. Sounds like a perfect summer day! Ooh ice cream sounds so good right now…


  8. What a nice day – a very good balance of exercise and relaxation and pure pleasure. The massage sounds rather good.


  9. Sounds like a lovely, if exhausting, day! Enjoy James Woodforde’s diary, it’s a wonderful glimpse into eighteenth century life. Be prepared to get very fond of him though, I felt like I’d lost a friend when I finished it.


  10. Iliana — now that I’m writing this a few days later, I can still say that ice cream sounds very good … perhaps it’s time for more?? 🙂

    Litlove — oh, yes, I need to go back to my massage therapist very soon … 🙂

    Eloise — how interesting that you’ve read the Woodforde, and wonderful to know that you enjoyed it!


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