Reading and riding update

Mostly this will be a riding update, and it will be short, as I’m tired! I just got back from a 4 hour 20 minute ride with Hobgoblin and another friend. It was a lovely ride, even more so as we were in danger of not going because the weather forecast threatened rain and storms. But we decided that since it’s not cold, getting wet shouldn’t be a problem, and then all we encountered was a few sprinkles now and then. Perfect!

For those of you who know the area, we started out in Ridgefield and then rode over into New York, up into Putnam County, down into northern Westchester, and then back to Ridgefield. It was hilly (of course), but not ridiculously so, and I rode it fairly fast (for me), at 17.5 mph.

The friend we rode with is training for the Lake Placid Ironman triathlon, and I’m in awe of her abilities. She’s a very powerful rider, and instead of doing what Hobgoblin and I do after a long ride, which is to head for refrigerator, the shower, and then the couch, she heads for the treadmill or out to the road again to do some running. Yikes.

We are planning an epic 100+ ride for July 4th. Perhaps I can break my speed record for a century, which is 17 mph.

On the reading front, things are moving slowly. I haven’t had nearly as much time to read as I thought I would … I think this has to do with the riding I’m doing, but also with the work I’m doing on my online course, and also with having more of a social life than I usually have. Generally Hobgoblin and I spend the summer almost entirely in the house, in the woods, or out racing or riding our bikes, but this time around, we’re actually getting out and doing other things and seeing friends. It’s nice for a change! But it means I’m not flying through the books as fast as I thought I would.

But that’s okay. Believe it or not, I’m happier when I don’t have too much free time, even free time to read. When I have a lot of time, I find I don’t use it very well and can get lazy and listless.

I am having a great time reading Edith Wharton’s The Glimpses of the Moon, which the Slaves of Golconda are reading for the end of June. What a fun book! It seems to be slighter than her most famous novels in terms of theme and scope, but still it’s insightful into relationships and the mind in ways that I love. More on that later.

I recently checked out the latest Maisie Dobbs mystery from the library, and so may pick that up soon, and Hobgoblin and I went yesterday to our local bookshop to check out mysteries for our next book club meeting. This is turning out to be a year of reading mysteries, which I didn’t at all expect, but which has turned out to be fun.

I’m hugely enjoying my nonfiction reads too, the ones you see on the sidebar; I just don’t have as much time to devote to them.

So once again I’ll remind myself that it really doesn’t matter how many books I read every year — as long as I’m enjoying what I read and finding books that make me think, that’s all that matters.


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7 responses to “Reading and riding update

  1. That was a SHORT post? After a bike ride like that, I’d be lucky to get it up to two sentences. It sounds like the scenery must have been wonderful, though. How about Maisie Dobbs for the next book club book? I could get into that.


  2. I’m with Emily. Your energy after such a long ride amazes me. I hope you have a good ride on the 4th. My plans are to loll around in an air conditioned house and read all day which makes me feel lazy in comparison. I’ll have to go for a walk just so I can say I moved around. Glad you are enjoying Glimpses of the Moon.


  3. verbivore

    It is fun when a new genre or book type all of sudden comes along and mixes with what you usually read. I’m glad you’re enjoying all the mystery you’ve been reading lately – seems kind of perfect for summer too.


  4. Sounds like you’re having a great summer. The combination of reading and riding is wonderful. And I agree that the number of books one reads is immaterial, as long as they are good. I am reading far less than usual this year, and am far more critical, tossing books aside if they rub me up the wrong way. I’m also avoiding anything that might remotely be construed as similar to what I’m writing, which means my fiction reading is mostly chick lit and crime. Lovely stuff for summer!


  5. I’m not very social either, but when I do end up going out, it can be lots of fun and I wonder why I don’t do it more often. Change can be nice and then when you do have more time to read I think you really do appreciate it. I’ve read less this year, too, but I think last year was a fluke. Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer–it sounds like you’re keeping busy with a variety of fun things! And I’m enjoying the Wharton, too. It’s been a while since I read any of her work, but it seems much lighter a little bit more frivolous (but you’re right it’s an interesting take on relationships).


  6. I’m reading sooo slowly this year – I really think this is the least I’ve read in my entire life. I don’t know…I’m reading pretty steadily, but there just isn’t as much time as I would like.

    Your rides sound like so much fun. My brother just bought a bike and once Sam is done studying for the bar he is going to get his fixed and then my brother’s wife is going to get a bike and we’ll be taking family bike trips – really looking forward to it!


  7. Emily — Maisie Dobbs would be a good choice, but we’ve already picked out Ngaio Marsh, so maybe next time!

    Stefanie — oh, I crash (metaphorically speaking) eventually, and then it gets ugly … my muscles are still a little tired from Thursday’s ride.

    Verbivore — mysteries ARE good summer reads, and I just begin my Maisie Dobbs novel tonight … unless I change my mind in the next few minutes, of course. 🙂

    Charlotte — how good to be willing to set books aside if they aren’t working! I’m glad you’re enjoying your lighter fiction fare — it does sound like great summer reading.

    Danielle — I’m exactly the same way — I enjoy it when I get out, and yet I’m stilled inclined to stay in. And a balance of activity and leisure time for reading is so important to me — I enjoy them both more when I don’t have too much of them.

    Courtney — with your busy life these days, I can see why you aren’t reading as much … sometimes that’s just what life brings. How great to have those family bike rides to look forward to! I bet you’ll have a blast.


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