Sneaking in a blogging moment

I’m at Emily’s house right now and am sneaking in a moment to blog while Emily and her minister husband are out doing ministerial duties — I just wanted to say that oh, my god, does Emily have a great house filled with amazing books.  This is a house to die for.  I want one just like it.


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9 responses to “Sneaking in a blogging moment

  1. Cam

    And there are rumored to be ghosts nearby too!


  2. (Gasp!) You took the lord’s name in vain–in a minister’s home!

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist teasing. Next time you go to their house, bring a camera and post pics. We want to see these books you speak of. Right, guys?


  3. I fell in love with a picture of the house that Emily once posted. I imagine that filled with books and laughter, it is a wonderful place to be. Have fun!


  4. I was already convinced that Emily had great books. Do try and convince her to blog more about them! And enjoy your weekend!


  5. I’m with Brandon, a camera is necessary in this situation!


  6. That sounds lovely–and a nice way to spend the weekend! Photos would be nice (so we can all figure out just how envious we all need to be! 🙂 )!


  7. I’m so jealous I can’t speak!!


  8. Well, that WAS sneaky! I had no idea, and thanks for the compliment (I’m blushing). Looks like I’ll finally have to learn to use the new camera and post some pictures at some point.


  9. You’re right about the pictures, although I’ll leave that to Emily. There is something wonderful about a house with multiple bookshelves in every room, with books on the coffee tables and nightstands too! And ghosts, supposedly, although I didn’t see evidence of any. And Brandon, I did much worse in the minister’s home, I’m afraid, including denying the existence of God … I’m surprised I haven’t been struck down by lightning, in fact.


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