Till tomorrow …

Well, I was going to post on Benjamin Black’s The Silver Swan tonight, but I got sidetracked by listening to Barack Obama’s amazing speech, and now I need to finish The Gathering so that Hobgoblin has time to read it before Friday’s book group meeting.  So, until tomorrow …


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4 responses to “Till tomorrow …

  1. I’ll have to read the transcript of his speech, as I missed it. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on both the Black book and Enright’s as well!


  2. I heard commentary about the speech on NPR yesterday. It sounded amazing. Like Danielle I will have to read the transcript. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on silver Swan and The Gathering!


  3. verbivore

    Thanks for link, clicking to the speech right….now…


  4. You can also watch the speech on YouTube or by following my link to the New York Times. I loved it because he said things about race that are absolutely true, but that few politicians have the courage to say. Pretty brave!


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