Some random thoughts

  • First of all, Dan Green has written a response to my response to his response to my post on biography from a few days ago. All this back and forth has been fun, but I’m thinking that we’ve reached the point where further responding doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you check out Dan’s posts, don’t miss the comments, particularly the those to his first response. There are a lot of interesting comments on my posts too — thank you readers!
  • So Hobgoblin is leaving for El Salvador tonight, and Muttboy and I will have to spend the week alone, mourning his absence. The house will be way too quiet. I hate the fact that you can’t explain things to dogs, that I can’t tell Muttboy that he just has to wait a week and everything will be back to normal. Fortunately, we’ve got a dog-loving friend who has agree to walk him for a couple hours along with her own dog every day I have to go to work, which means Muttboy will be one tired dog, which I hope will make things easier on him.
  • I received an ARC of Benjamin Black’s (aka John Banville) crime novel The Silver Swan and have read the first few chapters; so far it promises to be fun. I may want to hunt down the first book in the series Christine Falls once I’ve finished this one — yes, I’ll read them out of order, but that’s okay — and maybe I’ll even be inspired to read something by Banville. At any rate, I’m in need of something light and plotty, and this will suit me just fine.
  • I have also begun Wuthering Heights, which I’ll be teaching in a few weeks. I’ve never taught this novel before, and I have no idea how it will go over. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, in fact.  It’s plotty, although not light — but it will just have to do, no matter what mood I’m in.
  • My first race is Sunday! Yikes. I’m not ready. But then, I never feel ready. I put off registering for the race until the last minute because I was denying the fact that race season is about to begin. I really prefer training and only race to give me something to work towards. And because it would be silly not to. And because afterwards I’m always happy to have done it. But beforehand, I wish I could just keep riding on my own, all by myself.
  • I plan to be back tomorrow posting on Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel for the Slaves of Golconda reading group.  I’m looking forward to the discussion!


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12 responses to “Some random thoughts

  1. Your first race already? I’m sure you will do just fine. My husband brought home an ARC of Silver Swan from work and it looked so good we mooched Christine Falls. Now we just have to read them!


  2. Wow–your first race already? Of course it will be March and Spring has to be coming soon, right? I read Christine Falls last year (it was an ARC, and I was sort of hoping they would contact me again this year with one, but that’s okay I’ve already added my name to the library list!). I really liked it–a nice literary (noir-ish) mystery. I don’t think it will matter that you’ve not read the first one, but if you like it you might go back and look for it later. I hope it’s as good as the last one!


  3. Maybe I should be responsible for posting a response to your response regarding Dan’s second response. 😉


  4. Good luck for your week alone, and your first race. Hope they both go well.


  5. We’ll keep you company while the Hobgoblin is away, Dorothy! And if Muttboy feels like posting something to chat about missing him too, well, he’ll find a sympathetic audience on the blogs. I really loved Wuthering Heights when I read it (long enough ago now to have forgotten the details) but I’ve never read a Benjamin Black novel. Heard lots of good things about them, though.


  6. verbivore

    Definitely looking forward to your thoughts on The Stone Angel, that’s a book I’d really like to read.

    Enjoy your Wuthering Heights re-read. I think it could be very fun to teach! Such a dark book.


  7. Good luck in the race!

    I do want to read the Benjamin Black books, partly to see how his style differs from The Sea. I always love it when an author takes a pseudonym and wries in a different genre.

    I taught Wuthering Heights once, and there were so many literary techniques that were useful to see in practice, but for some reason, I never taught it again.


  8. I’ve read and enjoyed both the Benjamin Black’s and it won’t matter if you read them out of order. The style is very different to his Banville books; still very literary but definitely more accessible.


  9. Oh I hate it when my husband goes out of town… Probably because I just love traveling so much so I’m just jealous 🙂
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Black book and see you over at the metaux forum later!
    Of course, best of luck on the race!


  10. Stefanie — yes, it’s early isn’t it? And a snow storm is coming in tonight, which will make the race fun on Sunday …

    Danielle — I’m glad you like Christine Falls; I’ll have to find a copy of it. The Silver Swan continues to be good …

    Brandon — if you want to do that, that would be just fine 🙂

    Charlotte — thank you; so far so good. I got an email from Hobgoblin, in fact, who has arrived safely and is doing fine.

    Litlove — thank you! And Muttboy may have a word or two to say. I’m glad to hear you loved Wuthering Heights; I hope my students agree!

    Verbivore — I really liked Stone Angel and can highly recommend it; I think the other people reading it liked it too.

    Jenclair — thank you! I’m glad Wuthering Heights teaches well; that’s reassuring to hear.

    Ann — I’m glad you enjoyed both the Black books; from what I’ve heard of Banville, I’m not surprised to hear they are very different in their styles (I’m writing about “them” as though “they” were two people …)

    Iliana — I’m glad you’re participating in the Laurence discussion — it will be interesting!


  11. I loved “Christine Falls” and I’m really looking forward to “The Silver Swan.” Black’s style certainly is different from Banville’s, but I can definitely detect him using the same writerly strengths to very different effect in these two guises.


  12. If you’re anything like me, right now you’re sort of relishing in a revival of your bachelorette days. Come Monday, though, you’ll be desperately missing Hobs. Good luck making it through the rest of the week! And I’m looking forward to hearing your take on WUTHERING HEIGHTS at this point in your life (one of the most over-rated love stories I’ve ever read, which is not to say it didn’t grab me and pull me in).


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