For those of you worried about the demise of the book

Check this out.



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4 responses to “For those of you worried about the demise of the book

  1. musingsfromthesofa

    Now that is marvellous.
    The Kindle completely baffles me. I regard it as one of those almost immediately obsolete and slightly pathetic devices that is inevitable in the early days of new gadget development, ultimately to be forgotten except in ‘look back at 2007’ shows when it will be mocked for having all the design sensibility of an Etch-a-Sketch. And I’m still not buying the fact that a portable ebook reader is at all necessary.


  2. Ha. That cracked me up. I hate to admit this, but I didn’t even catch on to the word kindle with The Kindle–that makes me dislike it even more.


  3. Becky — I’m not buying it either — there’s so little it would offer that a book doesn’t already have. I love your point about how the Kindle will appear to us in the future!

    Danielle — why did they ever choose that name? It’s a mystery, really.


  4. Tee hee. Thanks for that link. That was pretty funny!


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