Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year! Hobgoblin and I will spend the evening as we usually spend New Year’s Eve, drinking hard cider, eating chips and other food that’s bad for us, watching movies, and trying desperately to stay up till midnight (and perhaps failing). Have a great evening whatever you are doing and have a wonderful 2008!


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13 responses to “Happy New Year Everyone!

  1. Happy New Year to you and Hobgoblin! All the very best in 2008! Enjoy your evening (that’s about what I’ll be doing as well).


  2. Except for the cider we will be doing much the same here. Happy New Year to you and Hobgoblin!


  3. Just stopping by to send the same to you: Have a Happy New Year to you and yours, and all the best in biking and blogging in 2008. Just curious as to what movies you’re watching to mark the occasion.


  4. I rarely make it to midnight too. Why miss the first happy hours of 2008 by sleeping through them? 😉

    Happy New Year!


  5. Happy New Year. We didn’t do much and just about stayed awake until midnight.


  6. SFP

    Happy New Year. We didn’t make it to midnight, but the partying boys downstairs (today’s my son’s birthday) sure did.


  7. Happy New Year! I went to bed at about 12.03, but I did see the fireworks from London on the television and kissed my boys. Hope you had a wonderful evening together. Here’s to another great year of sharing reading adventures with you, Dorothy!


  8. Sounds as if we were all celebrating New Year’s in the same manner! We made it to midnight mostly because I wanted to finish the book I was reading before going to sleep. Ah, obsession.


  9. Sounds like a great way to spend New Year’s Eve. Did you make it? Happy New Year to both of you!


  10. Eva

    Happy New Year! I finished my last book of the year (Daniel Deronda) at 11.30. lol We also had a Bones season one marathon and champagne at midnight!


  11. Thanks everyone! We did make it all the way till midnight — yay for us, right? We watched The Lover — based on the Marguerite Duras novel. Have a great year and thanks for your good wishes!


  12. LK

    Happy 2008, Dorothy and Hob!


  13. senx; end uh ‘api nioo yerr too yoo too!


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