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I don’t want to bury my post below, which I finished only a few minutes ago, but I do want to post a link to my new blog, inspired by Jenny D’s Triaspirational, which will be about my triathlon training. I’m writing it on an experimental basis, just to see how it goes. I reserve the right to delete it the minute I get bored (or the minute I quit triathlon training, which is still a possibility). The purpose will be to keep track of my training, so I don’t expect it will be of much interest to others, unless you’d like to know just how hard I’m working.


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6 responses to “Another blog

  1. Exciting! And you can just put all your bike stuff up there too, and training thoughts–I am looking forward to it…


  2. I think it’s exciting, too. Although I could never do what you are planning, I think it is interesting following someone’s progress from start to (hopefully) finish! Good luck with it!


  3. I’m just amazed that you can contemplate doing this, Dorothy, it just seems so hard to me! Still, I’m hugely impressed. Good luck with the training!


  4. How exciting! You may be surprised how many of us follow your progress!


  5. Thanks Jenny — I feel the need to have a place to write about training, as well as to record workouts, so it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

    Danielle, Litlove, Stefanie — thank you! I appreciate all the encouragement I can get! 🙂


  6. hepzibah

    what a smart idea! it helps to keep you determined, and yes, what a great idea…


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