Happy Holidays!

Hobgoblin and I are driving out to Rochester, NY, tomorrow and are bound to get stuck in a snowstorm at one point or another, so wish us luck! We’ll be there for about five days. I’m looking forward to seeing my family, all the members of which will be there. This means we’ll have two parents, seven children, and four significant others (at least — others may unexpectedly show up). And I think we’re all staying at my parents’ house, which is not terribly large. I’ll enjoy myself, but I may also be ready to return home when the time comes …

I’m not entirely sure what books I’ll take with me, but I know I’ll include Gabriel Josipovici’s Goldberg: Variations. I’m also considering Heather Lewis’s House Rules, Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret, and Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto. I tend not to read all that much when at my parents’ place, however; there are too many people around to distract me, and the television is an almost irresistible lure — Hobgoblin and I don’t have a television and I’m quite happy not having one, but when I do get the chance to watch, I like to see a little of what I’ve been missing. Last year we watched many, many episodes of “The Office,” which I thought was great.

So — have a wonderful week everybody, and I’ll be back soon.


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18 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. I just clicked on your link to the book you’re reading, Goldberg: Variations, and it sounds like an ingenious piece of hybridity! Thanks for an interesting blog…and have a safe trip and a great family reunion.


  2. Happy Christmas Dorothy! I hope you have a great time with your family, and that you have more time to read than you think. 🙂 See you in the New Year!


  3. Safe and pleasant journey. A Very Merry Christmas and a pile of new books for the New Year! I’ll be looking forward to your opinions on books and your progress reports on the running and cycling.


  4. Have a safe trip (hopefully the snow won’t be too bad?). And have a great holiday with your family–I hope you get in a little reading time, and enjoy a little dose of TV too (it can be sort of addicting). See you next week! 🙂


  5. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your trip!


  6. Have a happy holiday Dorothy!


  7. So, not only is your trip a family visit, but a “tv visit.” I like to get my fix of cable when traveling. By the end of the trip, I’m ready to return to my cable-free existence back home.

    Happy holidays!


  8. Have a merry Christmas and a safe trip!


  9. hepzibah

    Your trip sounds like its going to be wonderful, there is nothing better than spending time with family, is there? Hopefully, you’ll miss the snow….

    Merry Christmas — dorothy, hobgoblin, and muttboy!


  10. Eva

    Happy Holidays to you as well! (and “The Office” is great!)


  11. Great reading program! Happy holidays to you all!


  12. Have a great time Dorothy and hopefully no snowstorms!


  13. Have a wonderful trip, Dorothy!


  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  15. Merry Christmas to you, Dorothy.
    I hope that you and Hobgoblin made it through any snowstorms in your way.
    I am the same as you in that I watch more TV in the Christmas season than I do the rest of the year round! I never watch at home, but watch TONS of it over the holidays, it seems.
    And yes, all of the visiting makes for poor reading time. Yet, it is the time of year for so much catching up, with family and friends.
    The books can wait.
    [Even though, here I am downstairs, trying to get a chapter or two in, right now….]
    — Cip


  16. Thanks for your comments everyone! It turns out I didn’t watch much TV after all, and I did more reading than I thought. I read most of my new triathlon book and a good bit of Josipovici’s novel — more on that later.


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