First lines meme

It’s time to do the first lines meme.  We’ll see what this uncovers.

January: I’m going to do pretty much nothing today — the dishes and the laundry at most, but otherwise I’ll read books and read blogs and watch movies.

February: I began reading the essay anthology Best American Essays 2006 the other day, and so far I’ve read only the two introductions and the first essay, but I’m looking forward to making my way through it slowly over the next … who knows … month or so.

March: It’s that time of the semester again — the time when I begin to get a little busier and have less time for reading.

April: Let’s just say I’ve got some sore muscles right now.

May: I just checked the last time I rode in a race, and it was April 1st.

June: I’m wondering now why it has taken me so long to pick up this book, The Walk, by Jeffrey Robinson; I’ve had it on my shelves since December, and I’ve kept my eye on it as a possibility, but never quite got around to it.

July: Hobgoblin and I just returned from a trip to Manhattan; we spent a lot of time walking around (my feet hurt!) and looked into a couple of bookstores, the Strand and St. Mark’s.

August: You all know who I’m talking about in the post title, right? [The post title was “More on Jane.”]

September: I think I may try to ride a century this fall — a hundred miles in one ride.

October: I’m in the middle of two novels right now, and let’s just say that the experience of reading these books has been quite different.

November: Charlotte invited me to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month [wait — why national? Shouldn’t it be international?]) this year, so here I am, officially posting every day this month, instead of following my usual most-likely-but-not-necessarily-posting-every-day method.

December: Writing everyday for National Blog Posting Month was hard!

I like the way some of these tell little stories, such as how April and May tell you something about my racing year and November and December encapsulate my NaBloPoMo experience.  Otherwise, these are pretty boring.  I tend to wind my way around to the real point of my posts (if they have a point), giving some information about my life or my riding before I go on to say something about books.  Perhaps I should try for some snappier openings …


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6 responses to “First lines meme

  1. hepzibah

    what a cool meme! i like the January one the best…that’s pretty much what I did today 🙂


  2. My opening lines are not at all snappy either (though first lines don’t necessarily give the flavor of the entire post). Actually I like how yours actually show some continuity from month to month. You rode several centuries didn’t you? And now I’m curious about those two books you read in October that were so different. (By the way I hope to finish the PD James this weekend–I’m enjoying it as well–she’s very good, isn’t she!).


  3. I enjoyed this! but you know, these lines are in no way truly representative of how impressive your blog really is!


  4. Sore muscles and sore feet. I liked your January line best.


  5. Hepzibah — I need more days like that! Probably we all do …

    Danielle — I did end up riding two centuries, and much sooner than I expected, so that worked out well. And the two books were Excellent Women and Waverley — only one of which I liked!

    Courtney — thank you! I’m glad I’m not judged solely on my first lines …

    Stefanie — I spend too much of my life with sore muscles and not enough lounging around doing nothing but reading and watching movies! 🙂


  6. What fun! And what an interesting way to review your year.


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