Life Update

I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out on a couple things lately, most especially on grading, but also on blogging, so things may be quieter around here for a while, until I get some motivation back (which may happen tomorrow, who knows?).

There were a lot of things I was going to do this weekend, and I’ve done very few of them; mostly I’ve been reading P.D. James’s Devices and Desires and getting a tiny bit obsessed with the idea of racing in a duathlon or a triathlon. This is silly as I can barely run a mile (although I’m better at this than I was just a couple weeks ago!), and I haven’t swum in forever. But I’m that way sometimes — I’ll latch onto an idea, however far-fetched, and for the next few days I can think of little else. I’ve been reading Jenny D.’s blog on triathlon training with great interest for a while now and today I stumbled across the Triathlon Training blog, and read through its archives. I’ll have to keep running and see if I’m still interested after a month or two.

Here are the good things about duathlons or triathlons (not sure which I’d prefer — triathlons appeal, but getting to a swimming pool to train would be a pain):

  • I’d be able to compete individually instead of being part of a team. I like my teammates a lot, but I’d much prefer to compete on my own, just me against the clock. With cycling, I’m supposed to be helping out my teammates instead of riding for myself. Now, this doesn’t actually mean much, as I am not good enough to help out teammates and I often don’t have any to help. But still, I’d rather be working for myself.
  • I won’t know for sure until I compete in a triathlon, but I’m pretty sure it’s much, much safer than criterium riding. I do have a reckless side, but I also really don’t want to be in bike crashes.
  • I like the idea of being able to compete in more than one sport. It’s just cool.
  • The training would be more interesting — it wouldn’t be just riding all the time. I don’t mind riding all the time, but I do like the idea of some variety.

The down side to triathlon training?

  • I might find it overwhelming. I feel like I barely have enough time to ride now, and if I were competing in three sports … ?
  • I’d have so much to learn. This is good and bad — it’s intriguing but also daunting.
  • It would cost money. I’d have clothing and equipment to buy. I have some idea of what it would require now (new running shoes, training clothes, a wet suit, aero bars for my bike), but I’m sure there are things I don’t even know about that I’d need.
  • I’m pretty sure I have a good body type for criterium riding but not for triathlons. The triathletes I know are rail thin, and rail thin I am not. I do know a lot of criterium riders who look like me, though — fit women with some bulk on them, with lots of muscle.

Those are my thoughts — we’ll see. In a year from now perhaps I will have forgotten about this entirely, or perhaps I’ll be deep in triathlon training.


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13 responses to “Life Update

  1. I am in favor of bulky fit women with muscle, that’s definitely my body type too! It is true that a lot of those triathletes are rail thin, but whatever…

    You have to do this! I think you will really love it. We will do one together in Westchester or CT next summer if you are up for it, eh?!?

    The variety in the training is lovely, and it’s definitely far safer than the criterium riding–obviously people have bike crashes, but it’s not the same thing at all…

    (You can borrow a wetsuit from someone I’m sure, no need for aero bars or wetsuit if you’re doing short ones during the summer just to see if you like it–seriously, I think lots of people just use whatever bike they have, even if it’s a hybrid. I think swimming is the really expensive and slightly troublesome thing here, but it’s staggeringly enjoyable and very good for the health also, so well worth exploring…)


  2. Jenny — thanks for the encouragement! I’m really tempted. We’ll see. I’m thinking now that I might keep running this spring and add in swimming in the summer when I have more time, and if all is going well and I like it, I might spend next winter doing triathlon training. So maybe we can do one together in 09? That would be great! I’m thinking I’ll need some significant time to build up my running endurance — I’d hate to injure myself.

    Sylvia — she IS an inspiration — thank you!


  3. This is so cool Dorothy! I’m sure if you set your mind to it you will be a fine triathlete!


  4. Wow. I like having daydreams, but they have to have some basis in reality, so no triathalon fantasies for me! But seriously impressive that you would even contemplate something as hard as this, Dorothy!


  5. Sorry to hear things are blah–I know that feeling well. Maybe thinking about and planning for something new like a triathalon will help shake things up in a good way. I think it sounds like a cool idea and you should go for it if you think it is something you’d like to do. And I’m enjoying Devices and Desires, too.


  6. verbivore

    I admire your spirit. My husband and I do quite a bit of running and there are a lot of mountain races in Switzerland that he has competed in. Sometimes I think I want to as well but I have yet to make the decision and really train for one. There is one race in particular called the Race of the five 4000. During the race you can see 5 mountain peaks, all of them over 4000 meters high. Its supposed to be beautiful. But its very hard and I can be a sissy about that sort of thing. 🙂
    Good luck if you do decide to launch yourself into a triatholon!


  7. What a fantastic goal that would be. I can actually imagine you posting that you completed it!


  8. You know, it’s too bad we don’t live closer to one another…I have always wanted to do a triathalon and feel good about the running and the swimming but not the biking…we could train together! Ah, well.

    Blogging burnout happens to everyone. Enjoy your time away (if you end up taking it) – you know we’ll be here waiting for your return!


  9. musingsfromthesofa

    I am so impressed that you could even think about such a thing. I’m sure if you try it, you’ll do it.


  10. Thank you Stefanie! We shall see … it would be cool if I did end up completing a triathlon.

    Litlove — thank you! It becomes less and less daunting the more I train, so we’ll see how far that takes me!

    Danielle — I have felt like I need some shaking up lately, you’re absolutely right, and having a new plan helps with that a lot. And I’m glad you are enjoying the James novel!

    Verbivore — that race sounds wonderful! And also very hard … I can understand your reluctance!

    Thank you Iliana! Other people having confidence in me really helps.

    Courtney — oh, you’re right! We could help each other out a lot. Well, if you want long-distance support, I can offer that!

    Becky — thank you!


  11. Go for it!

    You have the most expensive piece of equipment if you already have a road bike. You don’t need aerobars. Don’t get them until you are hooked on triathlon. You only really need a wetsuit if you are going to do a race in really cold water, aka, less than 70. Again, don’t buy that until you are hooked.

    You do need good running shoes. You also need some type of swim suit that you can also run in (with a built-in bra). I’ve seen people wear a sports bra under a speedo swim suit.

    Good luck!


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