Happy Friday Everyone!

I had a lovely afternoon hanging out with Hepzibah; we met for lunch and then hung out in one of my town’s used bookstores. There are few things nicer than spending time with a friend in a used bookstore, is there? I didn’t buy anything, but that doesn’t matter; it was just fun to look around. The shop owner now knows me well enough to inquire after Muttboy when I see him, so we had a nice conversation today about how well-behaved he is.

And then I went on a bike ride, which convinced me, although I can’t say I really needed convincing, that it’s gotten cold out. Today’s high was in the low 40s, and it was a bit windy, conditions that feel rough for me right now, although when January and February come around, temps in the low 40s will begin to sound balmy. It takes me awhile to adjust to cold-weather riding, and it’s particularly true this year, as I took a break from riding for a couple weeks, and in that time, temperatures plummeted. So I went from riding in the 60s and 70s to riding in the 40s all at once. All at once, I’m having to pile on the layers before I head out, tank-top, short-sleeved t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, armwarmers, jersey, long-fingered gloves, cycling gloves, shorts, tights, heavy socks, shoes, and heavy shoe covers. Now it takes at least 15 minutes to prepare for a ride, possibly longer, if I can’t find all my clothing all at once.

I must say, I’m feeling rather unmotivated to ride right now. This is fine for the moment, as it’s still the off-season, and I can afford to take it easy. But soon enough, I’ll need to start training for spring. I’m not sure what the problem is — perhaps it’s feeling stressed about school or perhaps I’m still feeling a bit draggy from the cold I’ve had over the last couple weeks. But I hope it passes … it takes a lot of motivation to head out into the cold.


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7 responses to “Happy Friday Everyone!

  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I stopped riding to work this week with the daylight savings change. It’s dark in the morning and dark at the end of the day and riding in the dark makes me sooo nervous. I’m hoping for 50 on Sunday so I can have a leisurely ride and not be too cold. I admire your training plans for the cold weather, I could never motivate myself enough for that.


  2. hepzibah

    Yes, it was so much fun seeing you today! And I absolutely love the book I bought! I was reading through it, and I am really enjoying it!

    It was a very lovely day. Thank you! 🙂 We have to do it again soon.


  3. Good to hear you’re still riding. I will be up at the (***)crack of dawn tomorrow morning to marshal the last race of the season, and just my luck, it will probably be raining! Nothing like standing in the cold and rain for a couple hours to become thoroughly hypothermic.

    Anyway, yes, one of my gripes about riding in the cold weather is the added time to get ready in the morning, and how you have to account for it when figuring out what time to get up in the morning. I know, I know, it’s not a big or even a medium-sized problem in the grand scheme of things, but after a summer of throwing on a jersey and shorts, spending extra time tugging on all that clothing feel like a chore.


  4. It sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon–especially on a Friday. What do you do when you get really hot in the cold weather when you are riding? Sometimes I have so many clothes on just walking in the cold that I get really warm and even start to perspire, but it’s so cold I hate to remove layers. Then you have the hot, cold thing going on which I really hate. It’s strange to think that 30s and 40s right now sound awfully chilly, but in Februrary I’ll be wishing for days this warm!!


  5. I don’t like riding in the dark either, Stefanie — I should get lights so I can do it, but I prefer just to make sure I’m home by dark. Too scary!

    Hepzibah — I’m glad you are liking your new book! It will look so nice on your shelves.

    Fendergal — it wasn’t raining up here this morning, so I hope you stayed dry at your race! Marshalling a race in the rain does NOT sound like fun.

    Danielle — I hate it when it’s cold out, but I’m sweating! It happens pretty regularly. I tend to underdress a bit, which cuts down on the problem somewhat, but still … I just have to put up with it.


  6. The lunch with Hepzibah sounds lovely; the cold bike ride? Brrrrr! You’re just experiencing an average person’s motivation, Dorothy! It’s ok not to want to get freezing and sweaty at the same time!


  7. We have a used bookstore in our town that focused so much on being a place for friends to meet and enjoy time togather. Providing games and expresso and such. That the expresso operation expanded to the point of spinning off a new restaurant downtown!!


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