Another Century!

I just got back from eating a huge meal, which I felt I could indulge in because I rode my second century of the season today. It was a completely different experience than the one I did two weeks ago. Instead of riding alone, I rode with Hobgoblin and Fendergal, fellow blogger and bike racer. And instead of riding around the hills of Connecticut, this time I rode from Manhattan, beginning near Grant’s Tomb, into New Jersey and upstate New York.

We crossed the Hudson River on the George Washington Bridge, which was one of the cooler parts of the ride; I’d never been across the bridge outside of a car, and the view of the river and of the NYC skyline was spectacular. The ride then took us through suburban Bergen and Rockland counties, eventually taking us out to more rural areas where we could ride on quieter roads through pretty woods and hills. On the way back we rode along the Hudson River for a bit, and it was fun to be able to look out to my left and see the large expanse of water and the hills and trees on the other side of the river with their leaves turning orange. Then it was back into suburbia and back to the bridge and we were finished.

I had a great time talking with Fendergal and Hobgoblin about riding and racing; we also took malicious joy in making fun of some of the other riders, especially those with big heavy backpacks or panniers, which were totally unnecessary, and those who road badly, for instance the guys who kept playing leapfrog with us, passing us and then slowing down so we passed them, and then passing us again. Fendergal is wonderful to have on a ride because she told those guys to stop it, and they did. Such power! There was one guy who decided to ride with us who was wearing an AC/DC jersey and listening to his iPod. There really is no reason to be wearing an iPod on an organized century — why ride with other people if you are going to tune them out? Every once in a while this guy would start bopping around on his bike or would do this ridiculous-looking head-banging move. Strange.

And, no, I’m not always the nicest person when I’m on my bike. Yes, I can be a bike snob, although I’m not nearly as snobby and mean as this guy (or nearly as funny).

Now I can’t decide if I want to try another century, another one all on my own — or maybe even go for 120 or 130 miles, or call it a year and stick with short rides from here on out. We’ll see how I feel next weekend.


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10 responses to “Another Century!

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  2. Great description, I love it! Glad you had such a good ride–perfect weather, eh? I had an amazing run…


  3. Sorry about the guys trying too hard to get your attention. I like your insight into the head banging iPod wearer. I think a lot of times we join activities, but isolate ourselves or alternately, isolate ourselves, but cry for attention. Humans are funny.


  4. Sounds like a very fun ride. What is it like cycling in what I imagine must have been a lot of traffic (at least at first)? There are no bike lanes where I live–it is not a bike or pedestrian friendly city AT ALL, which I hate. I imagine having views like that and riding with friends makes it not feel like a long ride at all!


  5. Congrats! I hope you enjoyed your huge meal 🙂 Thinking of doing a 120 or 130 mile ride? My legs hurt just thinking about, not to mention my backside.


  6. Yes, indeed, Jenny, it was perfect weather; glad I hear you had such a great run!

    Bikkuri, well, put that way, I can see I’m guilty of that strange behavior in my own way, joining up and then distancing myself from what’s going on. Perhaps I shouldn’t be too quick to criticize …

    Danielle — I’m not used to riding in the city at all, so I just followed whatever Fendergal did and hoped for the best. She was a great leader, thankfully. And it was a Saturday morning, and so wasn’t too busy. We did have a lot of drivers honk at us, however.

    Stefanie, oh, I did enjoy that meal, trust me 🙂 You know, it’s not my legs or backside that hurts after a long ride, really; it’s my neck and shoulders that suffer. I need more upper-body strength!


  7. hepzibah

    wow –another century! That’s great Dorothy, and it sounds like so much fun to go with other people, you should do another one, and ride again with such wonderful company 🙂


  8. Neck and shoulder pain? How are your abs? A strong stomach does wonders to support your upper body when you are riding. Several years ago I focussed on improving my gut strength and I could ride with almost no weight on my handlebars.

    Too bad I didn’t keep that up; now I have trouble leaning forward enough to rest on the drops. 😉


  9. It WAS fun to ride with other people, although it’s not always easy to get people together. I’d do it again, though, certainly.

    Bikkuri — my abs are very weak, I’m afraid. I’ll have to work on that — I’m sure your right about needing core strength.


  10. Congratulations! I’d say a couple of centuries down to PA would be an excellent idea… (I’d love to cross the George Washington Bridge in some way other than in a car).


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