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As you may have noticed, I’m pretty much back to a daily blogging schedule. Most of last year I wrote every day, but last January I decided to cut back a bit, so for a while I wrote 5 or 6 times a week, mostly 6 times. But I’ve been thinking a lot about this blogging schedule, and I’m coming to the conclusion that, at least for now, I’m happiest writing every day. I reserve the right to skip days now and then when I feel like it — usually when life is so busy I simply don’t have the time — but mostly, I’ll be here all the time.

I’ve read people who call a daily posting schedule crazy, just too much, and for a lot of people I’m sure it would feel that way, but for me it feels natural. I take pleasure in coming up with ideas every day, and, for the most part, the ideas are there. Sometimes I find myself casting about a bit for something to say, but not often.

I’ve read other people who call daily posting a mistake because it means the posts can’t be terribly well-developed or well-written. This critique I’ve considered a lot, because I think, at least as far as I’m concerned, it’s true. Other people may be able to produce brilliant essays daily, but not me (leaving aside the question of whether I can produce brilliant essays ever!) By posting, say, three or four times a week, I could probably produce better writing and longer posts, and I could probably write real reviews of the books I read, reviews that are a bit closer to publishable quality. Or at least I could try.

But here’s the thing I’ve realized about myself: if I posted three or four times a week, I still wouldn’t write the longer, smarter, more thorough, more thoughtful posts. I’m fundamentally lazy, you see. I like dashing off posts in a half hour or so, maybe a little longer for my better ones. The thought of sitting down to write a formal review, of the sort you see over at Eve’s Alexandria, for example, leaves me feeling weary. I admire those of you who write long, detailed reviews and full, thoughtful posts, but I don’t think I’ll aspire to join your ranks.

So I’m trying to accept my blogging style for what it is and to stop wistfully thinking it should be something else. I’m happy doing the kind of post I can do on a daily basis, and I’ll leave it at that.


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16 responses to “Blogging every day

  1. The great thing about the blogosphere is that there are no rules (apart from some basic etiquette). We all get to do our own thing. πŸ™‚


  2. Yay for laziness! But posting daily or near daily is definitely not lazy. I like your casual blogging style. It is comfortable and friendly. I’m certain, however, that anything you posted I would enjoy reading.


  3. hepzibah

    I love your blogging style dorothy! Whatever you write is always very lovely and insightful, and I realize I am happiest posting almost everyday too, I find it very relieving to get out what I feel, and yet can’t say.


  4. Eva

    It’s funny-I started blogging in January, and I averaged 3-4 times a week. Then, suddenly in August I started posting almost every day, and so far it’s continued.

    I miss it now when I don’t blog every day. I prefer the less formal, shorter daily posts anyway!


  5. I like your blogging style. I think you’re right about the length of posts. And I do find yours thoughtful and well written and always interesting.


  6. I like your daily posts! Glad you’re not planning to stop. On that topic, did you know the dreaded NaBloPoMo is starting in November? You’d manage easily – AND be in line for prizes.


  7. I think you have the balance just right and I applaud your daily posting. My posting has got a bit lazy and haphazard and I’m considering trying to commit myself to daily posting just to get my mind back on track. Somehow the longer the gap between posts, the harder it is to write the next one. Yes, you’ve convinced me I ought to try it!


  8. I’m glad you are posting nearly daily again. I always enjoy what you write whether it is about books or cycling!


  9. I love your blog, and I love knowing I can come here every day and almost always read something new. I don’t always post but I ALWAYS read. I know I can’t post every day, but that’s not because I spend time thinking through my posts – it’s just what comes naturally to me. I love blogging for that – we can all do our own thing. It’s great.


  10. Isn’t that posting rhythm thing odd? You can’t fight nature. It feels really strange to me to be posting so rarely at present. But I agree with everyone else – it’s lovely to come here and find a new daily post, Dorothy, and I think they are perfect exactly as they are.


  11. It’s funny, isn’t it? We (the Alexandrians) often spend time fretting whether our posts are too long, too infrequent and too indepth, and we say ‘we should be more like Dorothy, or Danielle, or Lynne, and write once a day’. But our style suits us, just as yours suits you. I love coming here and reading your posts everyday; they always manage to stir up new ideas. πŸ™‚ And you’re right, composing those 2000 word reviews can be a wearisome prospect at times, especially after a long day at work, but then I sit down and I start to type and it just flies out. πŸ™‚ So long as that is the way of it, then I think we have it right, whatever kinds of post we write.


  12. Sylvia, indeed. And figuring out just what it is we want to do is part of the fun.

    Thank you Stefanie! And you’re right that posting every day isn’t lazy — or maybe it’s a weird form of energetic laziness, if that makes any sense.

    Hepzibah — thank you! Blogging is relieving, isn’t it? It’s great to get your thoughts out.

    Eva — the process of figuring out how we want to blog is always interesting. It’s fun to experiment and see what works. And I agree that a lot of times shorter posts are a bit easier to deal with. I like in-depth ones too, but a variety is nice.

    BooksPlease — oh, thank you! I swear I didn’t write this post to get all these compliments, but I do appreciate them greatly πŸ™‚

    Charlotte — oh, good to know! I’ll definitely have to sign up — why not, right?

    Sandra — I would love to read a daily post from you! I agree that the longer you put off writing the harder it gets.

    Danielle — thank you, and it’s such a comfort to know you’ve always got another post up every evening!

    Courtney — thank you, and you can be assured, I don’t miss a post of yours either. I do like hearing how other people approach their blog writing.

    Litlove — thank you! It IS a matter of a natural rhythm, isn’t it? Every blogger simply needs to figure out what their own is. I remember things you’ve written about your own blogging style and I always found your thoughts interesting — and I hope you get to post just as often as you want very soon!

    Victoria — thank heavens for your (plural) long posts! I love them. You guys do so much to save book blogging from becoming too quick and frivolous. And I too love the feeling of the words beginning to flow — it’s so very satisfying to find oneself slipping into the writing mode. I just generally find the flow cuts off at around 600-700 words, not 2,000 πŸ™‚


  13. I always enjoy your posts and I love the fact that you write daily. As others have said, I think it’s better that posts remain sincere and genuine rather than forcing oneself to be more like someone else. It’s what I love about the blog-world–there’s always something for everyone! πŸ™‚


  14. Nic

    I second Vicky – somehow, once I get started I just can’t stop! πŸ˜‰

    More seriously, I think there’s room for everyone in the blogosphere, and the greater variety of styles the better.

    (Oh, and *blush* for the compliment, Dorothy :-))


  15. I always enjoy reading your blog posts and I think it’s wonderful that you blog on a daily basis. I think the most important thing about blogging is finding what fits for you. Some people blog daily, some even several times a day, some weekly, whatever, as long as it’s making you happy then that’s what counts and I think it’s what will come across in the posts.


  16. Thank you Sarah — I do try to blog just as I feel like blogging — what the point otherwise? And I agree with you, Iliana, that if you’re blogging just as you feel like, the posts will be more enjoyable. I try to write about whatever feels most pressing at any given time, and I hope my interest in the topic will come through.

    Nic, yay for variety! I’m envious of your fluency and eloquence — I wish my words came out like that!


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