If you follow Hobgoblin’s blog, you’ll know that our dog Muttboy had surgery today to have a tumor removed from the skin of his chest. Well, he’s still at the vet’s office, but we’ve learned that he came through it very well, and will be coming home in about 1 1/2 hours. Yay!

They did chest x-rays to see if the tumor had spread, which it hadn’t. We still don’t know exactly what type of tumor it is, but so far, everything looks fine.

Today was spent waiting — waiting to take Muttboy to the vet’s, waiting until we could call for news, waiting until we could call for further news, and now waiting to go pick him up. But all that’s okay as long as he’s fine.

By the way, I have a question: did we skip the rest of August and September and move straight to October? I ask because today the temperature hasn’t gotten above 58 and it’s been raining all day. I’m just wondering if I missed something.


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  1. So glad to hear that Muttboy is doing okay! He looks like such a nice dog! And very fashionable, too, with those cool bandanas! Can we *please* swap weather? I would give a lot to have a day with a temp of 58!! It has still been in the high 80s and 90s here. What makes it unbearable is the very consistent high dewpoint which makes it feel very tropical (without the pleasure of an ocean, a beach or any sort of breeze). It’s oppressive and I am so tired of it. It hasn’t even been 58 at night here since I’m not sure when. Of course 58 is pretty cool for August, too…..Wouldn’t a nice sunny 75 (and no humidity) be nice for all of us?!


  2. Poor Muttboy! Glad he made it through the surgery ok and hope all turns out well.

    We got really cool over this last weekend and barely made it up to 60. It was a wonderful break from the heat and a happy taste of things to come.


  3. Same here. Since April, all we’ve had is two weeks of July, and that’s about it. Now we are nearing mid-November by the look of it. Even the days seem to be shortening faster than they used to. Some evil is brooding in Mordor.


  4. I am so pleased to hear about Muttboy – I’ve been meaning to leave a comment on the hobgoblin’s site. I’ve got a feeling that no dog could possibly receive better post-op care than what he’s about to get! I’m afraid the October weather has lasted all through July and August in the UK.. There was terrible flooding over a great chunk of the country in July and we’ve only had two days of sunshine since. Oh I’ve just read mandarine’s comment and yes – I couldn’t agree more!


  5. So, so glad to hear Muttboy came through all right! Yay! I spent yesterday freezing to death, because I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on in August. Rumor has it that summer may be making another brief appearance this weekend.


  6. Wow–I wish I could send you all some heat and sunshine!!! I have been melting here in Nebraska and I thought everyone else was experiencing the same. I did look at an extended forecast. Next Friday it is supposed to be 69. Yay is all I can say!! ( no doubt that will change–too far into the future to be sure). I so look forward to the day I can walk outside and not have sweat streaming down my face and back!! I feel like all summer long all I have done is complain about the weather–now I am envious to hear it’s been cool elsewhere. Maybe there is hope for us here, too.


  7. I’m glad to hear that Muttboy is home again! I have to admit that I’ve rather enjoyed the cooler weather (I’m not a big fan of heat and humidity), but it looks like this weekend should be summer-like again.


  8. I am so happy to hear Muttboy made it through. You know how I feel about dogs…he was in my thoughts. And here in MI it is in the low eighties and rainy, rainy, rainy so I’m feeling very crazy in terms of the weather…


  9. I’m so pleased to hear about Muttboy. I’m away from home at the moment and missing Lucy (my cat) – it’s so difficult when a pet is ill. Best wishes for his recovery.


  10. hepzibah

    I really like the new look of your blog, dorothy! It looks really nice! Yes — I am also happy to hear that Muttboy is doing well 🙂 I don’t like this weather, it was raining all on my vacation, we still had fun, but still…three days of rain and grey skies is not what I expected…


  11. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts about Muttboy! He is doing quite well, still a little groggy, but returning to his normal self — he was begging for food at dinner tonight, which is surely a good sign 🙂

    And, as I understand it, summer is supposed to return soon … it’ll probably be super hot, and I’ll be wishing for temperatures in the 50s again …


  12. Cam

    It was oppressively hot & muggy when I left for the airport at 6am yesterday. 3.5 hrs later I stepped off the plane at LaGuardia and immediately realized I didn’t bring the right clothes since I planned on it still being August when I arrived! I like cooler weather, but only when I’ve the wardrobe for it.

    Glad to hear the MuttBoy is doing well.


  13. If you’re staying long, Cam, that summer wardrobe might come in handy after all …


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