The perils of cycling

I’m used to bugs hitting and bouncing off my cycling jersey as I ride, and when that happens I’m just grateful they didn’t land on my face or — worse — in my mouth.  I’ve gotten stung in the mouth before, and it was no fun.  But today something else entirely hit my jersey.  I thought it was a bug, but when I checked to see if it had flown off my shoulder where I felt it hit, I noticed what it really was: bird shit.  This is the first time this has happened to me, and now I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often; I ride under trees all the time, after all.  I had another hour to ride before I made it home, and I could see it sitting on my shoulder every time I turned my head to the right.  Ick!


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9 responses to “The perils of cycling

  1. Oh Dorothy! How unfortunate! But you do know, it is supposed to be lucky? No, honestly, it is!

    I love the new look here – such a beautiful image as the banner! I feel like everyone’s changed in my absence, what with you and Stefanie freshening up your sites!


  2. Is it? I had no idea — thank you for clueing me in! 🙂 And I’m glad you like the new look.


  3. Not a pleasant experience! I also have heard though it is supposed to be lucky. So I guess there is an upside to it?! Better on your shoulder than in your hair…guess who that’s happened to?!


  4. Oh, yes. The bird shit – the Chinese believe it’s supposed to mean good luck.

    Where I come from, we usually check the date/time the shit hits, and we buy lottery with the date/time.


  5. Oh, yes, I could regale you with stories about my on-the-bike bug bites/stings… Another time perhaps.

    And I also would like to give a thumbs up to the redesign. All it needs is a banner that says, “Same great blog, even better look!”


  6. How unfortunate. I got hit once by a crow on my handlebars and it splattered all over my hand and I wasn’t wearing a glove. I ended up wiping it on my shirt. Thank goodness I was almost home.


  7. Danielle — ew! Yes, my experience could have been much worse!

    Orpheus — good idea! I missed my chance, though …

    Fendergal — I’m positive you DO have great stories, and I’d love to hear them sometime!

    Stefanie — ick. But riding is worth the risk, right? 🙂


  8. I think that’s just one of those biker things… but it’s worth it to be out on a bike!


  9. I wish I had been hit by guano yesterday instead of being stung by a wasp behind the ear. And I know it is going to happen again, as I am definitely not going to ride in a beekeeper’s suit.


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