Today Hobgoblin and I celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.  (Yes, we’ve been married quite a long time!)  We’re going to spend the day in Manhattan, eating, checking out bookstores, maybe seeing a movie.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll certainly let you know if I come home with some books …


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20 responses to “Celebration!

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely way to celebrate. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  2. Congrats! Hope you have a fun time!


  3. Yikes, I hope your festivities aren’t marred by the heinous situation with the roads and transit today.

    And you got hitched the same year as the ES and I. Congrats on staying married!


  4. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time!


  5. Congratulations. It just reminds me that I have two posts to finish in my tenth anniversary series before we celebrate our eleventh.


  6. Nine years is a long time. Congratulations and have fun.


  7. Congratulations!
    Have fun in the city!!
    If you’re in the East Village, The Mermaid Inn is a great (and romantic) place to eat.


  8. Congratulations! I think this calls for some book shopping! 😉


  9. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

    Dear Dorothy – I’m behind on commenting because I keep thinking about your question concerning the books you don’t read. I seem to be compiling a little list here that I haven’t yet transferred to your site!! But I’ll get there tomorrow. Have a wonderful day today.


  10. Congratulations to you! Wishing you many more!!


  11. Happy anniversary! Have fun celebrating!


  12. SFP

    Happy anniversary! Hope you had a good time in NY.


  13. Happy ninth wedding anniversary!


  14. Congrats Dorothy and Hobgoblin! Hope you had a lovely, lovely time.


  15. Congratulations to you both! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day.


  16. Thank you everyone! As you’ll see from my latest post, we didn’t head into Manhattan, as that could have been a disaster. We went to another city instead.

    Thank you for the recommendation Toni, and Litlove — I can’t wait to see your recommendations! I mean, I can wait … but I’m excited to see them.


  17. hepzibah

    Hello Dorothy — Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I have actually been trying to stay away from my computer….

    Happy Anniversary to you and Hobgoblin. Books are a perfect way to celebrate!!!


  18. Hi Hepzibah! I understand wanting to stay away from the computer, as much as I love blogging.


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