I needed something funny today

Via The Little Professor — check out limericks here and here. The idea is to write limericks based on famous poems. Some of the ones people have come up with are hilarious (especially in the second link).

It’s a gray, rainy, gloomy day, and I needed a laugh. I like rain, but not when I’m already inclined to be sleepy and I was hoping to take a walk and wake myself up …

Anybody want to try their own limerick?


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10 responses to “I needed something funny today

  1. Those are fun. I don’t think I can manage one of my own though.


  2. Cam

    I was about to turn the computer off about a 1/2 hour ago, but I had to click on the link. Kept thinking I’d read just one more, but I’d start laughing at it & read on. Now I’m wide awake! These were funny!


  3. What fun. But I don’t dare try to attempt one of my own!


  4. Ha,ha.. Those were fun. I’ve printed off The Raven – loved it.


  5. I wish it would rain here….Those are great. I was never ver good at writing poetry or any kind of verse, so it is probably better I left this to more creative people! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the links.


  6. Glad you liked them — I’m not a poet (not even a limerick writer) for sure, but I enjoy the cleverness of others …


  7. There once was a gal named Dorothy
    Who wrote about books that she would read
    She too rode a bike
    But all was not right
    Till she got it covered all in tweed

    Quick, stop me before I write again!


  8. Poetry of all kinds defeats me, Dorothy, but thanks for the link – they are indeed a really good laugh!


  9. Fendergal — please do keep writing poetry on my blog!! I love it.

    Litlove — glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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