I have just a quick post today to say that I enjoyed Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love very much, and now have to decide if I want to read Love in a Cold Climate, in the same volume, or move on to something else.  (And if I move on to something else, what will it be???  I’m not sure ….)  The novel is light, breezy, and amusing.  It’s about the Radlett’s, a large country family, and their exploits as the children grow up and make their way through the world.  The narrator is a Radlett cousin whose mother has abandoned her, and so she stays with her relatives; she focuses her story on her cousin Linda, a high-spirited, romantic character, and her attempts to find true love.  Although the novel ends during World War II, it never loses its brightness; the family gathers in the country once again and spiritedly takes up the challenge of dealing with rations and the possibility of invasion.

And for a health update: I don’t know yet exactly what is wrong with me — I should find that out in a couple days — but I do know I won’t be riding for a couple months.  The endocrinologist said — depending on what I actually have — that I’ll probably need a month or two of medication to get back to normal again, although I should begin to improve right away.  So, it’s time to take up yoga more seriously perhaps.  And once I feel a bit better I can probably handle strolls in the woods.  But no strenuous exercise for a while, alas.


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  1. Whatever you decide I hope the next book you pick up is good reading. But then, I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned you read a truly bad book. And even though it might take a couple of months, I am glad that you will be able to get back to normal with the help of medication.


  2. Yoga sounds like a good idea. But probably not a vigorous practice. Hope you get good news in a few days.


  3. Sorry to hear about not being able to cycle for a while, but it is better to get things back into balance. I’m sure you’ll feel much better after they get the right meds for you. However, walking is a good thing–so maybe that and yoga will be a nice distraction. I also only read the first Mitford novel, but now that you have written about it, I want to go back and reread it and then read the second one. Those Mitford women were quite interesting–I’d love to read a bio of them. Have fun choosing a new book.


  4. At least you have some idea of the timescale of your recovery, Dorothy, and a couple of months gives you the scope for a full reading program including Nancy Mitford, Alison Lurie, Anne Tyler, Barbara Trapido and any number of other wonderful comfort reads! And do take good care of yourself.


  5. Just found your blog, from Danielle’s

    I’ve just been reading this same three-in-one, and had the same decision to make… to read all three at once, or ration them? I decided to spread them out, in the end… but I decided that with the Mapp and Lucia series, and have not yet got beyond the fourth…

    Hope health issues improve soon.


  6. I hope your next book choice is a good one too! And, I’m sorry your cycling has to be put on hold for a while. Hopefully yoga will make the wait a bit easier. I’ve started doing yoga again and am going once a week. yay.


  7. hepzibah

    I also am in the same dilemma of finding a new book….What shall I read? 🙂 I just finished Love Medicine (it took me much longer to get through just because I wasn’t reading consistently) but I LOVED it, you should maybe consider it, if you liked The Red Convertible, then you will love the complete work by Erdrich.


  8. Stefanie — I’ll soon be on the way to getting better — I need to keep that in mind. Focus on the positive, right? Orpheus, the class I like to go to is fairly vigorous, so I’ll need to be careful — I might go to it anyway and just try to take it easy. Danielle, I don’t know much about the Mitford women, but they DO sound quite interesting, don’t they? Litlove — what a fabulous list! I shall have to check out Trapido, whom I’m not yet familiar with. Simon, thank you for stopping by! It’s a hard decision, isn’t it, to stick with something you like, or to try that new thing that looks good. Iliana — yoga is wonderful, and I AM glad to have more time for it. That’s definitely a good thing. Hepzibah, I’m glad you liked Love Medicine! I will have to pick it up one of these days.


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