Oh dear

I’m not sure I like this.  My result from the “which book are you?” quiz:

You’re The Catcher in the Rye!

by J.D. Salinger

You are surrounded by phonies, and boy are you sick of them! In an
ongoing struggle to search for a land without phonies, you end up running away from
everything, from school to consequences. In this process, you reveal that many people
in your life have suffered torments and all you really want to do is catch them as
they fall. Perhaps using a baseball mitt. Your biggest fans are infamous

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6 responses to “Oh dear

  1. yeah, I want a recount on my answers because I came up with “Lolita”! 🙂


  2. hepzibah

    I took the quiz too — what interesting results!


  3. The first time I took it I was James Joyce’s Ulysses (it must have been that stream of consciouness question…), and the second time I was To Kill a Mockingbird.


  4. I am “The Sound and the Fury”. Signifying nothing. Hey! Outrage!

    The result was rigged. Anyway, if I signify nothing, I should be MacBeth!

    Danielle: I want to be To Kill A Mockingbird!


  5. I was Watership Down, a novel that terrorised me when I was a child. My grandparents took me to see the film, aged 7 or so, and I cried so hard (out of fear) that they had to take me out of the cinema.

    (When asked which animal I prefered, rabbits or armadillos, I picked rabbits. I wonder what would have happened had I chosen armadillos…)


  6. Iliana — funny! The explanation of how that book fits you must have been interesting … Hepzibah — I saw yours on your blog; wouldn’t it be interested to know a little more about how they put that quiz together? It’s kind of interesting the choices they make. Danielle — now those results are quite different, aren’t they? I wonder why. Orpheus, I think I’d rather be Faulkner than Salinger 🙂 Victoria — that novel is clearly going to haunt you all of your life …


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