This is just a brief post about my health; I’ll be back to books soon. I just finished Boswell’s Presumptuous Task and would like to write about it — it’s a wonderful book.

But for now — today I learned I don’t have Lyme disease; instead it’s the thyroid problem that was the other alternative my doctor offered. Now that I know the diagnosis, I can see it makes sense. I didn’t have the aches and pains or the headache that are common with Lyme. Mostly what I had was a fast heart rate and some fatigue, which is what you’d find with hyperthyroidism. So now I go to the endocrinologist to find out what kind of hyperthyroidism I have, and then probably I’ll go on medication. My doctor gave me a beta-blocker to keep my heart rate lower until I get a firm diagnosis and a treatment plan.ย  I can feel my heart slowing down already.

I went to watch Hobgoblin ride in his race tonight; once again I was longing to be in the pack. In spite of my envy of those healthy riders, I had fun watching the race, and Hobgoblin and I hung out for quite a long time afterward talking to people, many of whom asked how I’m doing and offered a lot of sympathy.

I’m not sure when I’ll ride again, but it may be soon; lately I’ve been too sick to even think of getting out there, but it may not be too long until I’m ready to venture out again.


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20 responses to “Diagnosis

  1. Whew! That may sound strange but from the symptoms you described I was a bit worried you might have come down with CFS (hideous disease) so I’m glad it’s something more treatable, though obviously still serious. I hope it goes well with the specialist and you can get back on your wheels soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Glad to hear they have narrowed it down and will be able to treat it!! Hope you can get back on your bike soon! Sorry to hear you have been feeling so ill, but hopefully the medication will help.


  3. It’s better to know, isn’t it? Then you can get on with making sure you have the right treatment and medication. Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I hope you will get the right diagnostic and medication soon, so that you’ll get back to your bike! Best wishes


  5. SFP

    I’m glad the doctor was able to pick up on the thyroid condition so quickly–it often goes misdiagnosed and mistreated for quite some time. I’ve a cousin who wound up having an unnecessary hysterectomy before the doctors realized all she had was a thryoid problem.

    Best wishes, Dorothy.


  6. Nice to have a diagnosis. Once the doctor figures out what kind of medicine you need, you’ll be back in the pack in no time! Until then, enjoy the break and keep following doctor’s orders to read more! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I second Stefanie’s thoughts!


  8. Glad to hear you have a diagnosis, and you’ll be fine. On some levels, it’s better to have thyroid problems than Lyme Disease. I have a friend who actually managed to bring hers under control through diet.


  9. Goodness, I’m just catching up with your blog – I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I’m happy to hear, though, that you have a firm diagnosis. My understanding is your thyroid can be tricky for a little while to treat but once you hit the right medication you should be feeling like yourself in no time!


  10. Best of luck with the endocrinologist! I hope they can get you started on the right medication and I’m sure you’ll be back to riding soon. I bet you can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Thank you SO much for your kind comments! It’s so nice to get some blog support! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Right now I’m feeling okay, but I’m all agitated because the endocrinologist’s office is not returning my calls … the heart medicine I’m on is making me feel a bit better, but waiting for phone calls is making me worse … but it is relieving to finally know what the problem is, and to move on to the next step.


  12. LK

    Positive, healthy vibes now coming your way! Take care. You’ll be back on wheels in no time.


  13. hepzibah

    I hope you are up and racing soon dorothy!


  14. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (don’t you love it?) thyroidism in late April. Since I’ve been on the medication, I’ve felt so much better and have been able to handle stress much better. It sometimes takes a while to get the dosage right, but my life improved almost immediately. Hope your treatment will be as effective and as swift.


  15. I hope your endocronologist can figure out the right things to help you feel better FAST!!


  16. Thank you Hepzibah, LK, and Bardiac! Jenclair, it’s good to hear your story, and I do hope I have a similar experience.


  17. I asked a boy today to write a poem using the word “endocrinology” but he was giving me a bit of a blank look and asked me to spell it, so I said to use the word “hammer” instead. Never did stick around to see what he wrote.

    You should write a poem about endocrinology.


  18. Fendergal — I’m sad you didn’t get the poem with the word endocrinology from that boy, because I want to read it. I’d write one of my own, but I’m constitutionally incapable of writing poetry. Damn.


  19. Scary but treatable! Take care of yourself, & good luck sorting all this out.

    Re: your previous post on Pagels, I think some of her stuff is probably very much worth reading (I’ve only dipped in) but I would more strongly recommend Karen Armstrong. (Did we e-mail about this already once?!?) In fact I am now making a reading pronouncement, “The Spiral Staircase” is the book that you most immediately must read & will love! Get it & you will see….


  20. Thanks Jenny D, and about Armstrong, I’ve read The Spiral Staircase and loved it — you are right on in your recommendation (no, no emails about this). I’ve read her earlier book too, Through the Narrow Gate. Her story is extraordinary. Any more books like this???

    I’m concluding Pagels is worth while for a book or two, and with some skepticism and other authors at the same time …


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