Not for children!

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I got this rating because I used the words “dead,” “death,” and “murder.”  Hmmm … I didn’t know this blog was so morbid …


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4 responses to “Not for children!

  1. No surprise here: my blog is rated R, because I have “murder,” “hell,” and “sh-t” on it.


  2. Alexandria is an ‘R’ too… because we used the word ‘abortion’ once and the word ‘sex’ three times. Do you really need to be 17 and over to read those words?


  3. Well, shame on you both for being so scandalous! 🙂

    That’s a good point, Victoria — I think not.


  4. I am PG-13 due to the words death, murder and gay. I wonder in what context I even used the word gay–is it a bad word now? As for the others…that’s what you get for reading mysteries!


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