Tilting at Windmills update

Update: check out Sylvia’s Don Quixote buttons for the group! If you’d like, add one to your blog.

For those of you interested in the Don Quixote group reading, I’ve sent out invitations for you to join Tilting at Windmills. Those of you already using WordPress I’ve added to the blog already, so you should have access right now. I’m not sure if WordPress will send you a notifying email or not (although it should, I would think). If you can’t access the blog, let me know.

For those of you who haven’t used WordPress before, you’ll need to create a WordPress account (free and easy), and then you can join. I’ve sent invitations to your email addresses, and if you follow the instructions, I think it’ll work. Let me know if you have any problems joining up.

I tried to include everyone who indicated interest in joining the group, but it’s possible I missed someone — if so, send me an email, and I’ll get an invitation out to you. If you’ve changed your mind and no longer want to be part of the group, let me know that too, and I’ll remove you. My email address is ofbooksandbikes at yahoo dot com.

Thanks — and I’m looking forward to this!


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16 responses to “Tilting at Windmills update

  1. Ted

    I received an email from WordPress, and all looks well. I’m ready and waiting.

    As I mentioned previously, I’m hoping to read Nabokov’s Lectures on Don Quixote as the rest of the group reads the text (since I just finished it last month). I’m sure I’ll find some way to integrate this into the group.


  2. Can’t wait to read what everyone has to say, and I’ll write my own post sometime in the not-too-distant future.


  3. I received my invitation, and I signed up for an account, but I am not sure I chose the correct option–I just signed up the the account not to set up a blog. I’m not entirely sure I can actually get into the Tilting at Windmills blog. No doubt I didn’t read something through entirely. In any case I can log in to Word Press–just not sure where to go from here. When do you plan on starting to read?


  4. I received an email from wordpress too. Now I need to finish up all the reading I’m currently in the midst of and get a copy of Don Quixote. I sense a lot of work ahead of me…


  5. Danielle — I just added you to the blog, so you should now have access, but let me know if you don’t.


  6. Oh, and I plan to begin reading on May 1st, or thereabouts.


  7. w

    Logged into WordPress earlier in the morning for a quickie glance at my site, and found I had access to the DQ site… had me wondering all day what was going on, and just now had time to look through links that led me to explanation here. Thank goodness there’s an explanation for everything!

    Thanks so much for setting this up, Ms. Dorothy, I so look forward to dusting off my copy of DQ and getting back into it (I think I stopped at p. 100 when I [reluctantly!] put it down to attend to work-related reading). And May 1 sounds good. Are we all going to read chapters at same given time intervals, or is May 1 just a tentative starting point for everybody?


  8. Yay! It’s going to be great!


  9. W. — the plan is that people will read at their own pace, although I’ll post about my own plans soon, which I think will involve reading about 50 pages a week.

    Litlove — yes it will!


  10. Can’t wait! Dorothy, I think I’ll be joining you at the ~50 pages a week rate. I haven’t done one of these group blogs before so I’m not sure how it works… Do people just post whenever or are there regular discussions? Would it be helpful to categorize posts by, say, groups of chapters to keep them together?


  11. Well, on the Proust blog people just post whenever. I know some groups have a set reading schedule, but I think people in this group would rather keep a looser schedule, so I thought we’d follow the Proust blog model. I like the idea of categorizing posts based on chapters.


  12. Och! I haven’t had an email, even though I’m linked in the side bar. I don’t have a wordpress account either – could you send me an invite to evesalexandria@googlemail.com?

    Thank you!


  13. I just sent it — I’d originally sent your invitation to another address. Sorry about that! As soon as you’ve got an account, I’ll go in and add you to the blog as an author.


  14. This sounds like too much fun. I’ve been debating but I want to give it a go so please count me in 🙂


  15. LK

    Hi, Dorothy, I just joined up. Which edition are you all reading?


  16. Iliana and LK — I just sent you invitations to join WordPress. Once you’ve gotten a WordPress account, I’ll add you to the blog itself. I used the email address you’ve got entered in the comments box; if you want me to use a different address let me know.

    LK — I’m reading the Edith Grossman one, but people are using whichever they want. I think that makes Sylvia’s suggestion about using chapters for categories a good one.


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