Check this out

The Hobgoblin has a new blog.  And I can’t stop playing around with new templates for mine.


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12 responses to “Check this out

  1. The sidebar is going a strange thing (IE6), hiding some of the text on the right. This is probably just a temporary glitch, but I thought I’d let you know just in case.


  2. Thanks mandarine — is the glitch still there? I checked it out on IE and it looks okay to me, but let me know if you still see it. Thanks!


  3. wordpress is problematic like that…i have to resist the tempation to screw around with mine constantly. Hurrah for the new hobgoblin blog!


  4. Glad to hear the Hobgoblin is back. The colors look nice (though I myself am partial to blue and green, too!).


  5. I do like the clean look, although like mandarine, the side bar is doing odd things on my computer. Thank goodness the Hob is back – the blog world isn’t the same without the two of you in tandem!


  6. Thanks! Could those of you who had trouble viewing the text or the sidebar properly let me know if it’s fixed?


  7. I like this new clean look, as well as the colors. Hope you’re holding up well in light of Hobs’s father’s death and good luck with you grueling interview tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you.


  8. Thanks so much Emily! I’ll be glad to have the interview over with, that’s for sure.


  9. Very crisp look, nice. I have no problem with the sidebar.

    Any advice for someone thinking about getting a new bike? There’s so much stuff out there it’s overwhelming!


  10. Thanks Bardiac. Unfortunately, I don’t really have advice for you. I wish I did. I wish I were the kind of rider who actually knew a lot about bikes, but I’m not, or at least not yet.


  11. hobgoblin

    Bardiac–email me at hobgoblin [dot] minds [at] yahoo [dot] com. I am one of those obnoxious cyclists who compulsively reads and re-reads the bike shop catalogs. I love bike shopping (that and book shopping are the only kinds of shopping I do like), and if I can’t be shopping for myself, I will giddily shop for someone else.


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