Recent Acquisitions

This time of year makes me feel so conflicted — it’s beautiful outside and I’m happy about that, but it’s one of the busiest times of the academic year as the semester gets near the end (it’s not nearly close enough though), and that makes me feel tired and listless. I can’t go outside because I have so much work to do, but I can’t seem to bring myself to do my work …

Anyway, in this post, I’ll console myself by thinking about the books I’ve acquired recently that I’ll be able to read soon enough — maybe before the semester is over, but if not, certainly after.

  • I’ve got Adam Sisman’s Boswell’s Presumptuous Task on the way from Book Mooch — this comes highly recommended by bloggers, so I’m looking forward to it, and it’s the perfect follow-up to reading Boswell’s Life, of course, as it tells the story of how the Life got written.
  • Also through Book Mooch, I recently received John Brewer’s A Sentimental Murder: Love and Madness in the Eighteenth Century. Isn’t that a great title? Sandra wrote so eloquently about this one, I couldn’t resist. It tells the story of a murder, but goes on from there to meditate on history and storytelling and eighteenth-century culture.
  • I got a copy of Denis Johnson’s book of short stories Jesus’ Son; a book I’ve been meaning to read for quite a while and which I’ve heard wonderful things about. This book is part of my attempt to read more short stories; I’d like to read at least two collections this year, if not more.
  • I ordered the last two volumes of Proust, The Prisoner and The Fugitive combined into one volume, and Time Regained. I’m getting close to finishing Proust! Well, sort of. Actually I’m a little over half way, in the middle of volume four. I had to order these last two from the UK, and they look nothing like the first four in their American versions, unfortunately.
  • Cam recently sent me a selection of W.B. Yeats’s poetry. I’ve read some Yeats, but he’s a wonderful poet I need to read more of. Thanks Cam!
  • And, of course, there’s Don Quixote, ready for me when I’m ready for it. Here’s the template I set up for the group reading blog; I’ll get invitations out to people during April so we’ll be ready to begin in May. Let me know if there’s cool Don Quixote stuff on the web you know of so I can add some links to spice up the site a bit.


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6 responses to “Recent Acquisitions

  1. It’s so fun having lots of good books coming from all sorts of different places. I thought the John Brewer book sounded good, too. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it. Are you reading the Prousts all translated by one person? And the template for the DQ blog looks great! Nice work–the fleur-de-lis seems perfect for some reason.


  2. Lots of good books to look forward to. I’ve got to spend more time reading Proust. I’m still at the beginning of volume three. The DQ site looks great. Good choice of template.


  3. Danielle, I’m reading the new Penguin translation, which is done by six different people — but I haven’t really noticed differences from volume to volume. And I’m glad you like the DQ blog!

    Stefanie — Proust will always be there if you want to take your time! And I’m glad you like the template too.


  4. JCR

    Good luck with the Proust. I finished it last summer. And yes, I agree with you… with that and the grading of papers, etc. one cannot wait for summer vacation!


  5. JCR — I think about that every morning — summer is on the way!


  6. Cam

    I’m glad that you’re enjoying the book of Yeats’ poems.


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