One-year blog anniversary

7790606.gifOne year ago today, I began this blog, and what a wonderful experience it’s been. I think back to the time before I began the blog and before I read blogs, and I wonder how I managed to survive — it’s hard to believe that I read books regularly without writing about them and without telling anybody about them, and that I had only a tiny little list of books I’d like to read, instead of the multi-page one I’ve got now, and that I’d wander the bookstore sometimes not feeling inspired by anything. These days as I look through bookstores, I’m reminded of this blog and that blog as I see things that look familiar, and I think “oh, so-and-so really liked that book” and “let me look for that other book so-and-so recommended.”

Blogging has changed my reading habits tremendously. I’m still reading a lot of the same stuff I would have read anyway, but I’ve also tried a lot of things I wouldn’t have — books for the Slaves of Golconda reading group, for example, or books about books like Alberto Manguel’s A History of Reading that I hadn’t heard of before, or Proust for Involuntary Memory. I’m reading new types of books, such as poetry, which I’ve finally picked up again after a long period of not reading it, and short story collections, which I have unfortunately neglected in the past.

But more than that, the writing I do about books has changed my experience of reading — the posts themselves which get me to think a little deeper about my reading than I might otherwise have done, and the comments here and on other blogs that allow me to participate in a conversation about books I didn’t have before blogging. I love sharing my enthusiasms about books and reading about what books have gotten other bloggers excited, and all this has made an already wonderful thing — reading books — that much better. I know that blogging or reading blogs isn’t for everyone, but I’ve had so much fun with it that sometimes I wonder why every reader out there isn’t doing it (and then I’m grateful that they don’t because I’m already overwhelmed with the number of great blogs out there I like to read ….)

I like participating in something that feels new and exciting and that has the potential to change — is changing right now — the culture of books and reading and reviewing and publishing. Sometimes with horror, always with interest, I follow the debates about what blogging is and can and should be and about the quality of blogs and the relationship of blogs to print publications and how blogs are or aren’t changing everything, and I’m happy that there’s this medium that anybody can participate in and shape in their own large or small way. I’m very curious to see how blogs and blogging will develop, and I hope all the changes will be good ones.

So, as a little thank you to all of my blog friends and acquaintances, all you people who have made this first year of blogging a great one, I’d like to have a book give-away (also to recognize that many of you have kindly sent me books!). I have a copy of Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere and Alfoxden Journals to give away; she, if you don’t know this already, is the source of my blog pseudonym. Just leave a comment letting me know you’re interested in the book by next Friday night (the 23rd) and I’ll draw a name on Saturday.

Thank you!


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31 responses to “One-year blog anniversary

  1. Happy Blog-iversary Dorothy!! I have greatly enjoyed your blog this last year and having virtual conversations with you (and your other readers) about books! I have to agree with what you say about blogging and how it has sort of shaped and changed your reading habits!! I am finding that the case as well! How fitting that you are giving away a book by Dorothy W! Feel free to add my name to the hat–I really do need to read her!


  2. Congratulations on your blog’s first birthday! I still have a long time to wait for my blogs’ first birthdays.

    I also used to read books only and never reviewed them. I never thought of reviewing them anyway. I got the idea of starting my own book review blog after reading all the book reviews in the newspapers. I want to tell people what I’m reading and what I think of the books.

    Once again, congratulations and happy reading + blogging!


  3. daland

    I’ll pass on the drawing, but I did want to say, Happy Anniversary! I look forward to reading your blog for many more.


  4. Wow, has it only been a year? I can’t imagine the blogosphere without you.

    Happy anniversary!

    (And put my name in the drawing, please.)


  5. Happy anniversary! You know, I find it hard to believe you’ve only been doing this for a year. When I first stumbled upon you, I would have guessed you’d been floating around out in the blogosphere for years. My reading habits and I have been affected by blogging in just the way you describe, something I never expected myself.

    Please put my name in for the book.


  6. Happy anniversary, Dorothy! I really can’t decide if I want to be in the drawing for the book…do you have any posts on it that might give me a better of what it’s like?


  7. Congratulations! And how bizarre is this? Today’s my one year blogging anniversary too. I wasn’t going to post about it, but you’ve inspired me to. I feel as if I am in very good company. Oh, and please put my name into the hat.


  8. Edd

    Congratulations and I look for many more to come your way. I love reading your blog and your book reviews it gives me a great perspective of the many books I no longer read. That’s not criticism as you know because as you know I now read mostly read Mystery, Thrillers, the occasional Horror, and Historical Fiction – an old man reading for pure pleasure for as long as he can.

    Let others have a chance at winning Ms. Dorothy Wordsworth’s most worthy book and I will continue on enjoying your blog on books as well as your biking endeavor.


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  10. Hello there — I came across your site only in the past month or so, but considering books and bicycles are two of my favorite topics, I’m glad I did. 🙂 Congratulations on the anniversary.


  11. Happy Blogiversary! I have added loads of books to my TBR list this past year because of you, and even managed to read a few of them too. I’m looking forward to another year of books and bikes and other bloggy delights from you. Please toss my name into the hat 🙂


  12. Happy Blogniversary! I’m a fairly new reader of your blog but already you have made an impact on my reading life with your interest in 18th century novels. I hope that you have many more years of productive blogging and exceptional reading :).

    (I’m always up for a giveaway. Toss me in.)


  13. The magic of blogging is knowing that your words carry echoes in other people’s lives. Your writing has made me read books I normally might not have read, as well as read with more distinct intent those books that I might normally read to pass time, or for comfort, or for vicarious consumption. I would like to thank you for writing about cycling, reading, and life in general so thoughtfully, questioningly; I only hope you know of the echoes.


  14. Del

    Happy First Anniversary! I’ve learned a lot by reading your blog and always look forward to coming back for more. Thank you for your kind generosity in sharing your thoughts and ideas like this – it’s a great gift to all your readers! Best wishes for many more Blogaversaries to come…


  15. Happy blogthday, Dorothy. Many more!


  16. Regina

    Happy anniversary ! Thank you for all the wonderful comments on your reading ; not only have they inspired me to read along with you, but also to start a small reading group of my own in real time. Please add my name to your drawing – and blog on for many a year more….


  17. Thank you everybody for your kind comments! I’m sorry I don’t have time to respond to every one, but I do appreciate each and every comment here. Without readers and commenters, blogging wouldn’t be any fun at all. It wouldn’t be blogging, in fact. So thank you very much!!!

    Brandon, the book is a personal journal; Dorothy Wordworth has many interesting things to say about her own life and feelings, but also about William W. and Coleridge. Let me know if I should add your name.


  18. Please add my name.

    I enjoy your blog so much. I’ve always like gothic literature, but have been intimidated by novels such as Camilla, Tom Jones, etc…. (I think do to the length). Now those books are on my huge pile of books to read. Thanks for your bookish inspiration!


  19. And I adore your blog, Dorothy! When I first began blogging (not that long after you, in fact) and found your site, I was so thrilled by what you were doing, and inspired as well. Here’s to many more wonderful years at your keyboard!


  20. Happy Bloggiversary Dorothy! I can’t believe it’s just one year. I feel like I’ve been reading your wonderful blog for much longer. Looking forward to many more posts!


  21. Thank you Amanda, Litlove, and Iliana! I’m so glad you all stop by this place. Amanda, I love reading your thoughts about 18C books.


  22. Congratulations, Dorothy “Wordsworth” on a year of tremendous blogging, and I agree with you as to the rewarding joys of blogging about books. I also don’t know why everyone is not doing it, and yet I am glad they aren’t. I would go crazy trying to read it all.
    In this one year you have managed to create a page that is so consistently, day after day…. GOOD!
    Thoughtful and inspiring, and just really really good. I love reading you.
    So, [grab your favorite beverage as I twist the cap off a beer]…. a TOAST to you!
    To many years of more and more wonderful blogging about books, and life.


  23. Congrats on your blog-birthday! Thank you for writing such thoughtful and interesting posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading your work and appreciate how supportive you are of other bloggers (myself included).

    Leave me out of the draw- Australia is way too far to post anything!


  24. It’s been a wonderful year and I’m grateful to you for so many thought provoking and just plain interesting posts. My own anniversary was March 7 and it just slid by, along with my birthday. I don’t know when I got out of the habit of keeping track of the passage of time, but I loved being reminded of it. And how interesting that so many of us got started at around the same time. (litlove in April, I think, Charlotte on the 17th… who knew there was some kind of confluence of blog energy last March?) xo, Bl


  25. Cam

    Congrats Dorothy. I started reading your blog and Hobgoblin’s blog not long after you started it and became hooked on it quickly (I find it funny, though, that I didn’t realize for several weeks that you & Hob even knew each other!)

    I have been puzzelled by your pseudonym, figuring that it had a literary connection, but unable to think what it might be. Don’t know why Dorothy Wordsworth never occurred to me. Please enter me in your contest. The real prize, however, is reading your insightful writing!


  26. And thank you.
    Anything your blog might want as a ‘birthday’ gift?


  27. LK

    I love this post. Sums the blogging experience up beautifully. (Though I am sad to see Hob go…I understand his POV too.)

    I will check out that book by Wordsworth.

    Thanks for blogging, Dorothy W., you contribute so much to the blogging community!


  28. Thank you very much Bloglily, Cam, Mandarine, and LK! I’m so glad you stop by this place. Mandarine, a comment from you now and then is a great gift 🙂


  29. Dorothy, I’ve been travelling, so just discovered this post of yours while glancing back over what you’ve been up to – happy blogday and many happy returns! My first anniversary was in February but (like Bloglily) it snuck past while I wasn’t looking, so this was a nice reminder. I’ve so enjoyed reading your contributions to the blogosphere – thanks.


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