Race report

Today’s race was odd. The oddness started while I was on my way over to the course; it’s only about two miles over there, so I rode my bike to do some warming up on the way. As I went around a very sharp corner near my house, I crashed. I was riding along fine, and next thing I knew, I’d hit the pavement. I was fine and got up immediately, looking around furtively to see who’d noticed me being an idiot. The only spectator I saw was a guy in a pick-up truck who slowed down to see if I was okay, but as I was so quickly back on my feet, he took off again.

I couldn’t figure out why it happened, except that I’d taken a sharp corner too fast. As my only injury was a scrape on my elbow and a bruise on my hip, I got back on the bike and continued on to the course. I considered not telling anybody and saving a little face. As I rode, I thought to myself, “you don’t deserve to be on a bike, much less race on one!”

But when I got to the course I figured out what the problem was. Black ice. This was odd because the temperature back at home was in the mid-30s, and it hadn’t occurred to me that the roads could be icy when the temperature is above freezing. But the course was covered in black ice too. I felt a little less like an idiot, although I probably still looked like one to the guy in the pick-up. I decided that the crash would actually make a good story, a nice illustration of how awful the roads were.

Because of the ice, the race was delayed an hour and a half, so I ended up spending almost two hours warming up and then waiting, warming up and then waiting, while the race officials figured out what to do. They did a little sweeping and scraping, but mostly they just waited until the sun got high enough to melt everything.

With all that, it’s a wonder the race went decently. I didn’t do as well as I did last week, dropping off the pack a little earlier, but the race was faster this time around, and I think all that warming up and waiting actually tired me out a bit. Mostly I’m grateful I didn’t have another embarrassing meeting with the pavement.  There were no crashes in my race, or the Hobgoblin’s, right after mine.

Although I never like crashing, if I have to crash, this is exactly how I’d like it to happen.


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6 responses to “Race report

  1. Oh Dorothy – I’m so glad nothing worse happened. I do think you are immensely brave to keep going. I would have gone home and sulked, I’m quite sure!!


  2. Ouch. Our training races haven’t started yet for that very reason plus pockets of snow piles. Still debating if I want to put in the effort to race this year–I usually have a few strenuous club rides under my belt before they start up. How long is each lap on your course?


  3. Ouch! Glad you are ok. Next race will be better. No more ice by then.


  4. I hate falling or tripping in front of other people–I always feel like such a fool, but sometimes you just can’t help it. I have noticed that even on mornings that are above freezing there are still slippery patches on the cement, and I am always very adept and finding them!! Glad to hear you didn’t hurt yourself!


  5. Thanks Litlove. I felt like too much of an idiot to head home and sulk, I’m afraid 🙂

    Itchybits, the laps are about 8/10 or 9/10 of a mile, with one hill — it’s fairly short and not steep, but riding up it over and over gets tough. In fact, I find it’s the hill-climbing that messes me up; otherwise I’d be hanging on longer, I think.

    Stefanie — let’s hope we have no more ice!

    Danielle, thanks, and I’ll certainly be more cautious next time!


  6. Very glad that injuries were minor. I always feel like a complete twit whenever I trip or fall, worse because it happens when I’m doing every day stuff (like walking) rather than anything particularly sporty or energetic.

    Good luck on your next race!


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