Happy New Year’s Day!

I’m going to do pretty much nothing today — the dishes and the laundry at most, but otherwise I’ll read books and read blogs and watch movies. It’s such a nice day for doing nothing too, since it’s rainy outside.

I went on a marvelous bike ride yesterday (which put me at 3,707 miles for the year, my most ever). My cycling club organized a group ride and about 40 people showed up. We went on a loop that was partly familiar to me but also went on some new roads and it added up to about 52 miles. What I liked about it was that everyone stayed together for most of it, and when we split apart about 10 miles from the end it was intentional rather than a matter of some people not being able to keep up with the others. And we kept a reasonable pace — no hammering off the front and no showing off, although I think that was partly because our club leader made sure the people at the front didn’t start going too fast. I like it when a group can stick together so the ride is less a crazy free-for-all and more of a group effort.

I don’t do group rides all that often because they are sometimes too fast; I’m not sure I’ll find people who ride at my pace when I show up, and there’s nothing worse than being the only one holding a group up. But this one was perfect — a very nice way to end the year.

Have a great New Year’s day everybody, and I’ll be back tomorrow with something about books. Now I’m off to catch up on blog reading and to finish Footsteps.


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10 responses to “Happy New Year’s Day!

  1. Welcome to WordPress..it looks good! Happy New Year to you and yours. We will be joining you in a ‘do nothing’ day. I think a quick trip to the bookstore is in order and then reading and watching movies surrounded by much eating and snacking!


  2. Have a great day, Dorothy.


  3. jenclair

    Relax and enjoy! Congratulation on your 3,707 miles…I’m so impressed! Sounds as if your group ride was a huge success.


  4. Have a lovely New Year’s Day, Dorothy! I’ve been reading and watching movies, and it’s the only way to spend it! I’m also glad you’ve moved to WordPress – it’s a very good provider.


  5. Welcome to WordPress! Impressive mileage for 2006. The rain you are getting today was out rain and then snow yesterday. We got about four inches, enough for a good workout with the snow shovel 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  6. I have to say–one thing about Blogger that I hate is that I never seem to get the word/letters typed in correctly showing I am a human and not a spammer and have to usually do it twice–I won’t miss having to do that here!! I tend to stress out over the smallest thing–so I can understand well how you would feel when it comes to cycling in groups and feeling like you were holding others up. Since it isn’t a race, maybe no one even notices it–and I bet you are much faster than you think you are! Enjoy your day–I plan on watching movies and reading too!!


  7. Thank you everyone! I’m happy here at WordPress — and I’m not the only one who’s made the same change! I did get out to go on a hike today, so I haven’t exactly “done nothing” but I’ve done nothing important or useful 🙂


  8. Hope you enjoyed it, and Happy New Year!


  9. LK

    Like your new site, Dorothy! I’ve gotten quite behind on my blogging, but I want to wish you and Hob a very Happy New Year!!!!


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