Blogger issues

Not much of a post for you today because I spent too much time switching over to Blogger beta and it’s not working for me. When you switch to the new Blogger, to get the full benefit you have to upgrade your template, and when I did that, I lost a lot of stuff. I could replace everything except Haloscan, which I use for comments; I tried and tried but just couldn’t figure out how to make Haloscan work. And I like Haloscan — I find it easier to keep track of comments that way. So I’m back to the old template and I don’t get to use most of the new features of Blogger. What a waste of time!

I did, however, manage to acquire some new books recently: yesterday Alberto Manguel’s A Reading Diary showed up in my mailbox thanks to Book Mooch, so I can continue my reading about reading pattern. Then last night the Hobgoblin and I were at the bookstore, one of those stores that has a 3-for-2 deal, and since the Hobgoblin needed one of those books for a Christmas gift, we figured we might as well buy one more of them and get one for free. So the Hobgoblin picked out one, and I got Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss; I had trouble choosing between that one and John Banville’s The Sea, but Desai won out eventually. And just a couple days ago I got Edmund White’s short biography of Proust, courtesy of Book Mooch. I’m looking forward to learning some more about Proust’s life.

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