An experiment

I tried an experiment last year that didn’t work so well, but now I’m considering trying it again. The experiment was to listen to audiobooks while I rode on the indoor trainer. Stefanie wrote about this recently and inspired me. I’ve listened to music in the past and that worked okay, but I hate the trainer so much that music only makes it better for a little while. The idea with an audiobook is that it might get me really interested in it so that I won’t want to get off the bike — I’ll be operating with the rule that I only listen to the audiobook on the bike or in the car. So maybe I’ll get so wrapped up in it that I’ll stay on the bike to hear what happens next. Maybe.

The trick, I think, is to pick the right book. Last year I chose Benjamin Kunkel’s Indecision, which didn’t really work; I never got all that interested in it. This time around I think I’ve chosen better. This morning I walked down to the local library and picked out Jacqueline Winspear’s Pardonable Lies: A Maisie Dobbs Novel. What could be more engrossing than a mystery? And Danielle has written so eloquently about the Maisie Dobbs novels that this one caught my eye immediately. Pardonable Lies is not the first in the series, which is too bad, but it’s the only one my library had, so it’ll do.

I’ll let you know how this experiment goes; it looks like today might be the first time this season I’ll ride indoors. Yesterday was beautiful — 60s, sunny — a day that makes me think winter might never get here. I rode for two hours and didn’t need more than shorts, a jersey, and arm warmers. But today is supposed to be rainy, and although it’ll be relatively warm, I still won’t want to ride in the rain. So, unless there’s a break in the rain that looks like it’ll last for an hour or so, I’ll be indoors on the trainer. Ugh. Have I said just how much I hate the trainer?

Update: The rain held off long enough so I could ride outdoors today — no trainer for me! Not yet, at least.

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